6 Most Beautiful Sports Cities in Nigeria and their Great Attractions

 There are key factors that make a city so attractive for sporting activities. Perhaps, paramount among them is the safe security and the availability of standard sporting facilities in that city.

Other major considerations are the availability of Hotel accommodations and good transportation system. Then, the sporting culture of that city is also very important. The tourist attractions in and around the city could yet be another silent factor

We looked at these factors in the study we conducted recently at GreenHunters Sports International and we found that among the numerous
Cities in Nigeria, five are highly attractive and recommended to host even a major world sporting events today.

However, the result of this study isn't static. The research on the most Beautiful Sports Cities in Nigeria is subject to change and will be.     Updated as cities dynamics change and new infrastructures develop.    

At this point, in descending order, let me serve you the top 5 most beautiful sports Cities in Nigeria:       
1.      Lagos city
2.      Port Harcourt city
3.      Kano city
4.      Calabar city
5.      Abuja
6.      Uyo city      

Let's see below some of the factors that made these cities rank so high.      

1. Lagos city can singly host major sporting events such as the Commonwealth games. It had in the past host FIFA U20 World Cup, African Cup of Nations, Nigeria Sports Festival and the finals of Federations Cup for 5 years running. 


The sporting culture in Lagos is phenomenal. A tournament like the Federations cup finals has the capacity to pull in over 60, 000. Spectators in just a single football match.                      

Lagos has 4 standard stadia: former national stadium, Teslim Balogun stadium, Onikan stadium, Agege stadium. Then, Rowe Park and Campus Square Mini-stadium among others sporting facilities in institutions like University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology...         

Lagos is perhaps the most secured city in Africa, with Rapid Response police vehicles patrolling and modern surveillance equipment installed in major city hobs. State emergency squad always on standby, you can be rest assured of your safety.         

Lagos has over 80 world class hotels and resorts: Sheraton, Protea, Federal palace, Festac77, Hilcrest, Eko Holiday Inn among others.        

Lagos has put in place a great transportation system. It has both International and local airports, quick service bus lane, helicopter and Ferry services are all available.          

The city of Lagos run almost 24 hours, with major night life in some areas. The city has wonderful tourist attractions: Lekki Peninsula, Tarkwa bay, Bar beach, Whispering palms, national museum, national theatre among others.     

2. Port Harcourt is known as the garden city and a vintage place for sports activities. It is one of the prides of the nation. The city hosts three of the group matches of FIFA U20 World cup in 1999 and several of the national team home games.   


With well improved facilities, PH has two world class arenas: Adokie Amasiemaka stadium and Samson Siasia stadium; then the University of Port Harcourt sports centre.     

Garden city is home to two Premier league teams: Sharks fc and Dolphins fc as well as the greatest women team in Africa, Rivers Angels. It has a great sporting culture with large number of followers. The city can easily attract over 60, 000 spectators in one event, with neighbouring cities like Aba, Owerri, Calabar always coming into town to be part of the classics. 

PH has an international airport and one of the best network of roads and Ferry system in the country.   Movement of people and cargoes is never a problem.

As a tourist city, PH is known to have the largest number of hotels, over 150 standard accommodations: Royal Castle, Springhills multiconcept, Presidential, La meridien, Tiffany, Herford and many other hotels. 

Tourists are being attracted to the city's Isaac Boro park, Finima beach, Isaka holiday resort, Monument of King Jaja of Opobo...  

The security of lives and properties is much better after the reconciliations of the militants. The garden city is much more cozy and friendly to host any world class sporting event.       

3. Kano is an ancient city with great history. Its perhaps the largest commercial city in West Africa and the people's passion for sports is second to none.

  The city is full of athletic youths and on a daily bases  every available space is jam packed with youths keeping fit or training for the future.   

The city has a premier football team called Kano Pillars, which has dominated the Nigerian Professional Football League for the forth year running.   On match day all road leads to the stadium.  The city also has one of the greatest Basketball club in Africa also known as Kano  Pillars.     

Kano has two standard stadia: Sami Abacha stadium and the Township stadium in Sabo Gari. The city can as well accommodate another one million visitors for short stay.  It has some world class hotels: Royal Tropicana, New Palace, Liberty Holdings, Kano guest inn, Central hotel and many more.        

Kano has an international airport, good network of roads and revamped railway system. It is a city for great African merchants and has some interesting places of attractions: Emir's palace, Kano ancient city walls and gates, Folgore game reserve, Brimin Kudu rock paintings, Bagauda lake and Tiga dam.           

The security in Kano city is quite safe, as they have been able to curb the insurgency of Boko Haram. 


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