Jiji.nig Let Sports Fans Buy a Pre-owned Smartphone – the Easy Way!


We feel we should inform sports fans around the world of some of the hot deals going on at Jiji.ng. You can take advantage of  these great deal to own that Smartphone of your dream.

Jiji.ng is a rapidly developing Nigerian classifieds website with a wide range of items suggested and growing number of users.

It offers goods from different categories: Mobile Phones and Tablets, Vehicles, Jobs, Electronics, Home and Garden, Fashion and Beauty, Babies and Kids, Animals and Pets, Hobbies-Art-Sport, Real Estate, and Services.

The website is quite simple to use. First, register. Second, post an advert providing information about your offer and your contacts. Third, wait. If you are a buyer, just start searching.

Mobile Phones Jiji category which is a part of the bigger one – Mobile Phones and Tablets – offers a long list of pre-owned Smartphones. You will undoubtedly find something appropriate here. If you don’t have time or patience for viewing everything, take a look at the suggested filters.

By clicking on each of them, you make the list shorter, and the results start getting more concrete. Those who want to meet with a seller in person (which Jiji insists on) can choose a particular city. Every advert contains all the necessary information about a Smartphone. If something isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to contact a seller. The contact information is thoroughly checked and verified.

There is a Safety Tips section on the website, which will be quite useful both for experienced classifieds users and the new ones. Use your common sense and accord everything with a seller before buying any stuff. This will guarantee you getting the most you can with Jiji.

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