Become a Real Big-time Sports Betting Agent in Nigeria and Earn Over $7,500 Commission Monthly

This is senior service! I mean not many jobs in Nigeria today can pay you a cool million Naira as salary per month. In case it hasn't done on you, making $7, 500 (US Dollars) commission a month means you'll be  earning over N1.5 million Naira in every 4 weeks - WAO! You better finish reading this article!

 "Say bye-bye to unemployment," or do I rather say, "bye-bye to employment - the routine 7am to 5pm rush hour." Now settle down to your own mega business - THE BIG TIME SPORTS BETTING AGENCY.

Everything starts with your vision. How big do you see this business. Your imaginative ability is your creative power. Do you see Just a kiosk or chain of gaming malls?

Dream big! I believe you are very ambitious that's why you are reading this article. Or maybe it's just for curiosity sake. Anyhow, we'll expand your vision after you finish reading this post.

First, choose from the five big sports betting brand in Nigeria. The bookmakers that are popular with bettors because they pay out to winners promptly without story. I recommend you read this article: "5 Betting sites that are paying Nigerians so well."

The next thing is to find out their criteria for becoming an agent and how they pay commission. Also read: "FAQ: How can I become a Sports Betting Agent in Nigeria?".

Position your business for the real gamblers. You can find them cluster around classy sport bars or clubs. All you have to do is to locate your betting center inside such spots or close to it. Design your outlet to suite your customers' taste: big screens, personal computers, POT to enhance betting activities such as pay in, pay out on real time.

Indeed, if you want to become a real big-time betting Agent then you should expand your business by positioning your outlets in several strategic locations. Let's look at other options. Locate your outlets close a viewing centers or near a football field where footballers and fans troop in always.

·        You can brand your several outlets for uniformity and for promotional effects.
·        You can share branded car stickers to your bettors.
·        Try to collate phone numbers and email addresses of your bettors and regularly send them exclusive reminders and tips or formula on how to win.
·        Make your outlets friendly enough to attract fans to gather and share ideas, then watch each of your outlets raking in thousands of dollars commission.


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