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10 Big Names in Football, Who Use Family Members as their Agents

It's like applying native wisdom to ensure their interests are properly taken care of and perhaps, their wealth flow within their family circle. Big name Football players are now employing relatives as their Agents after FIFA washed their hands off regulating and licensing middlemen since April 1, 2015.

It is called Player's intermediary. What that means really is, anyone can represent any player in contract negotiations and doesn't need to be licensed. So players are resorting to employing their family members or personal lawyers for contract negotiations.

This may be the new order. In the following years we may likely see more big dogs in the industry even negotiating deal all by themselves. The trend  now-a-days is large Agencies sort inducements to family members to get  their young players to sign contracts.

Below is the list of Big name players that are presently using their relatives as their agent:

 1. Who is Lionel Messi's Agent?
His father, Jorge has always been his agent and has represented Messi in contract negotiations. Jorge is said to have earned in excess of €61.6m euros in commissions on Messi's deals in Barcelona.

 2. Who is Arjen Robben's Agent?
Arjen's father, Hans is a licensed Player's Agent and by default represented his son Arjen in contract negotiations at Bayern Munchen worth (€25m euros) and earned €4.5m euros in commissions.

 3. Who is Neymar's Agent?
Neymar Jr presented his father, Neymar da Silva as his Agent after he dumped Wagner Ribero, his former Brazilian Agent. Neymar Sr. brokered the deal at Barcelona, which has now been under media scrutiny. It was alleged that Barcelona's management transfered €55m euros in commissions to N&N Administrators, a company owned by Neymar's father.

 4. Who is Juan Mata's Agent?
His father Juan Manuel Mata Sr. represented him in contract negotiations as well as take care of all his earnings and investments affairs. He brokered £37.1m pounds deal at Manchester united. He has earned commissions in excess of £10.6m pounds both for Chelsea and Manchester united deals.

 5. Who is Alex Chamberlain's Agent?
Alex father Mark Chamberlain, a former England International, became his son's Agent when Alex split with Impact Sports Management (ISM). Mark brokered the £27.6m pounds deal at Arsenal and earned commissions of £3.7m pounds.

6. Who is Eden Hazard's Agent?
Eden Hazard has no identifiable agent. Does his contract negotiations himself. Sometimes may involve personal lawyer and friends during the round table chat with Chelsea's management. Eden brokered his own £22.5m deal at Stamford Bridge.

It's like a new order in Arsenal, Calum Chambers is on the books of Cassius Sports Management, whose head of talent ID is his stepfather Steve Moss.

Danny Welbeck has long been looked after by his brothers Chris and Wayne through their business Markfield Sports Management, while Jack Wilshere’s father Andy remains the major influence on his son’s career, although he has signed up with Ten10 Talent.

And Kieran Gibbs also has a soon-to-be family adviser in his mother Donna’s fiance Andy Harris

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