Play In Europe: Assessment Day for Young Footballers in Nigeria - Continue in January 2016

Your Journey from ZERO – where you are now; to HERO – where you want to be; starts with you picking up your phone now and dial +234 809 877 2556.

Feel lucky, our agent could pick the call and ask you few questions about your football career plan. We’ll also offer you information on “How to Achieve Your Football Dreams.” It’s all packaged inside an eBook that will instruct you on the vital steps you need to take immediately for your intended career success.

We’ll then schedule a date for you to be in one of the football training session or match, where we can assess your talent on the spot. So you have the opportunity to express yourself in the field of play…  If we are satisfied with the quality of your skills, then we may ask you to sign a 2years Mandate Agreement with our Agency.

This is your very first important step to Stardom… from then everything changes for you. We’ll be there to represent and take care of you in every front. We’ll be working even when you are sleeping, to help you secure some of the best opportunities for a possible transfer to Europe.

Our Agency, GreenHunters Sports International, is a Sport Marketing consult, vastly experienced in Packaging and management of football players. We are connected to some of the top agencies and organizations in the global football industry.

Our ZERO to Hero project is aimed at harnessing young football players in Nigeria and possibly transfer them into Youth or Feeder teams of major club sides in Europe. And we feel 2016 offers us a great opportunity to push more of this class of players abroad. WHY?

The Success of Golden Eaglets that recently won FIFA U17 World Cup back-to-back as well as Malian National teams performance in 2015 – won Bronze at FIFA U20 World Cup and Silver at FIFA U17 World Cup – may have capture the interest of most Clubs and Agencies in Europe,  to look towards the West African region.

There’s no doubt that we have an incredible reservoir of quality young talents across the sub-region; especially in Nigeria. We are being pro-active to prepare players ahead of 2016 and positioning them to take advantage of this set time. Some of our partners in Europe are already giving us specifications of players they will want us to send in for trials in 2016.

Our assessment of players continue January 2016 in Lagos Nigeria. It is for young players between the ages of 16 – 19 years old. So if you are confident of your skills, feel free to call and possibly obtain a date and location for your assessment – After you might have met our minimum criteria.

Feel free to dial +234 809 877 2556. Remember, you talent will speak for itself on the field of play.

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