Football Marketing in Nigeria – Everything You wants to know about the Profession

Who is a Football Marketer?
In general terms, a sport marketing person who specials in the marketing of football related products and services may be regarded as a football marketer.

But in real practice, it is difficult to define who actually is a football marketer, because the demographic make up of football marketing is something very complex to describe.

The activities of consumer and industrial product and service marketers who are increasingly using football sport as promotional vehicle are at the forefront of football marketing in Nigeria. Even a casual television viewer cannot help noticing the use of football personalities and images to sell a whole range of other products and services.

But this is an extremely limited description, in that it fails to recognize the dominant portion of football marketing, which is marketing of football products, events and services directly to consumers. Here again, people who sell football equipment, wears, trophies and souvenirs are easily noticed.

Yet, it doesn’t cover the scope. The term “football consumers” and “football consumption” entail many type of involvement, including: playing, officiating, watching, reading, collecting, betting… So the job description of a football marketer would largely depend on his or her own area of specialization, which includes:

  • League and team marketing

  • Coach and players marketing

  • Tour, Hotel and Camping facilities marketing

  • Stadium, concessionary and event marketing

  • Equipment, wears, and souvenirs marketing

  • Media rights and football information marketing

  • Betting and book making Marketing

Today, some journalists, traders, promoters, lawyers, caterers, real estate agents, event managers, bookmakers… are all involved in some form of football marketing.

No matter your area of specialization, the job of a real sport marketing professional consists of all activities designed to meet the needs and wants of football consumers through exchange processes.

Football Marketing in Nigeria
Football sport isn’t yet structured as business in Nigeria. The core products (League and Teams) still operate largely as a youth development not-for-profit ventures.

The administrators focus majorly in organizing and playing league matches or tournaments without making any significant effort to make profits or meet the needs and wants of consumers (Players, Viewers and Sponsors).

The leagues and teams are funded mostly by government, so there aren’t any entrepreneurship tendencies to create revenue. It accounts for the general lack of marketing or foresight in marketing ventures.

Although, the need is so evident, but the league administrators and team managers’ short slightness (Myopia), have really slowed the industry’s development and demand for professional football marketing staff.

The structure will surely change sooner or later as competition for spectators (consumers) increased between leagues – EPL Vs NPFL – and other related events such as musical shows, cinemas on one hand and ever increasing remunerations by players, on the other hand. 

Teams and most football organizations in Nigeria are already finding it difficult to breakeven or to meet their contractual obligations. The truth remains that the need for football marketers cannot be ignored for too long. Already, sport shops, stadiums, camping facilities, professional teams, inter-school tournaments, grassroots and youth programs are all looking for a better way to attract consumers and maintain sales. Only marketing professionals have the cognate skills to continually adjust and control the 5P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Public Relations) to achieve consumers’ satisfaction and profits for the organizations. The future of football in Nigeria belongs to marketers.

What are the qualifications and Skills Required?
An education in general marketing management at Bachelors degree or Higher National Diploma level may be a good starting point. But training in Sport marketing is required. Perhaps, a post graduate certificate in sport marketing may help you develop skills faster on the job.

I am not sure there’s any institution in Nigeria offering Sport Marketing course. But there are courses you can take online. Check: Otherwise, you may have to travel abroad to study a 6 months or a year certificate course at Colorado University or University of Denver…

There’s no licensing or regulations as to who should practice Sport Marketing in Nigeria, other than cognate knowledge and skills that would set you apart from quacks in the industry.

Presently, we have only few Sport marketing firms and professionals due to the structure that hinders to a large extent the practice of the profession in Nigeria.

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