Football Marketing in Nigeria: The Challenges and the Prospects

The future of football in Nigeria belong to Sport Marketers and we patiently await the coming of the ‘Golden Era.’   Read Part one of this article. Very informative. Click here

What are the Career  Challenges?
Football marketing is an interesting profession that is driven majorly by a person’s passion for the sport than the immediate monetary gains.

First, it is difficult to find a model , you have to learn your craft in the school of ‘hard knocks’ – trial and errors.

There are no document or reports that contain a true Nigerian experience. All Available books and research materials are theories and examples derived from developed  markets in Europe and America, which often doesn’t work well in the Nigerian situation.

The  job require your spirit, soul and body in order to succeed amid-st the several challenges you may have to face. Only your passion can see you through.

It may really take sometime before your effort may begin to yield financial rewards. You may have to manage your self, your Family and all your financial obligations at the meantime.

In general, football marketing isn’t a fast moving profession, especially in Nigeria. Overtime, you may have to develop your own unique formula to survive and indeed, you could also hit the jackpot.

Presently, most sport marketing firm in Nigeria combine the job with other complimentary business that ensures their organization has the required cash flow and financial stability to forge ahead.

What are the Career  Prospects?
The future of football in Nigeria belong to Sport Marketers and we patiently await the coming of the ‘Golden Era.’  The earlier you learn on the job and position yourself for success, the better for you.

Although, the leagues and teams in Nigeria have not yet started employing football marketing staff, but they have no choice in the nearest future.

Big brands that requires football sport as their promotional vehicle are already employing sport marketing professionals. You may go for such jobs in Guinness, Globacom, Coca cola, Diamond bank… They are paying a very lucrative remunerations

Some football marketing firms are already positioning their brands in the industry. GreenHunters Sports International are playing leading role in Players and Sponsorship marketing.

Knetic sports has developed their own event – Copa Lagos Beach Soccer marketing, which is top on the billing in Nigeria today.

Optima Sports is already popular among sport consumers for its TV rights marketing for FIFA World cup and other major football tournaments and events.
Seven-8 Sports are also involved in organizing and marketing International Friendly matches, tours and training camp site for Nigeria national teams.

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