Controversial Video of Sunday Oliseh's Ranting on YouTube – Too Long for Dalung (Watch the Video Yourself)

We highly suspect that the Sports Minister Solomon Dalung didn’t have time to watch the Super Eagles Chief Coach Sunday Oliseh’s video on his YouTube channel, before he came out with the statement that the video was ‘Doctored.’

It’s like adding salt into an injury. It’s actually tantamount to insulting the intelligence of Nigerian sports fans. Oliseh himself hadn’t come out to say his personal channel on YouTube was hacked.

We all know how secured YouTube platform can be. Oliseh has his own private Password to his channel and only him can upload or give access to someone else to upload on that channel. You can view the now controversial video yourself Click Here.

I think we should just bury the hatchet and move on. Oliseh has come out to apologize, although, some aggrieved persons feel he should record another video and upload on YouTube with his knees on the  ground or even ‘dobale’ that’s the traditional way in Nigeria, to show that he is truly repentant.

Now, let’s end this topic and focus our attention on AFCON qualifier match against Egypt coming up on February 26 2016. NO MORE INSULTS ON INJURY

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