Nigeria Today and the Future of Football in the Country – [A 56 page White Paper]

The future of football in Nigeria is a 56 page White Paper that looks ahead of time. What’s ahead in the football industry in Nigeria over the next 10 to 15 years or so. How can we move from where we are now to where we should be. This is more of a diagnostics and prognostication of what could be done and what should happen based on academic study and visionary evaluation of the football industry in Nigeria.

Nigeria Today:
GreenHunters Sports International’s CEO,Benson Chukwueke Spearheads report on the football industry in Nigeria: Where are we now, where should we be, and how can we get there. This White Paper is a Keynote address he presented at the Sport Marketing Round Table at Eko Atlantic Beach Hotel Lagos.

The Economy:
Nigeria’s economy is passing through severe times and it’s obvious that government cannot continue to overbear the huge financial burden of the football industry.

The industry should quickly move from being a government dependent social amenity to a rather fully commercialized venture with absolute business orientation aimed at developing high class brands that could favorably compete globally. It all starts with the administration of the sport in the country.

Structure and Administrations:
The future cannot accommodate political administrators anymore.  The era of placing round peg into square hole is over. The industry has long yearn for proper administration and now is the time to frame the future with the right personnel. 

Perhaps, a call for foreign administrators and technocrats in this regard to come and under study our pecuilar situations as well as guide us in putting in place the right structure and policies that ensure the system runs well as we spearhead the commercialized industry.

Marketing is the Key to the Future
Nigeria Football Federation (NFF); League Management Company (LMC); Clubs should as a matter of urgency initiate aggressive marketing processes. In marketing we say “Nothing happens until there is a mutually satisfying exchange.

Aggressive marketing management processes will eventually lead to the better adjustments of the controllable variable: Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Public relations.

Product Development for Global Competition:
There is an urgent need to re-visit the product development process and strategies of the industry – to come out  with the right features that will attract the target audiences and initiate active demand for the league, tournaments, clubs, stadium, concessionaires, licensed products, commercial endorsements and sponsorship.

We must quickly engage experts with cognate insights and experiences to be involved in drawing up the road map that will guide our football to illustrious future.

Adapting Technology for the Future
Technology is changing the way football is being played; the way fans follow as well as the way administrators and managers make decisions.

We must start immediately to invest in cloud storage system and  large data mining technology that enhances players performances,  analyze the audiences and their buying behaviors (Demographic and Pychographic elements).

We should quickly invest in Smart stadium development; automatic update of data  base; e-ticketing; fans mobile interactive platforms to largely create a more cordial customer relationships  and provide an improved Management information system.

As the fans are getting sophisticated by day, so the industry must run with the same speed so as to provide services that relevant to meet their needs and wants.

What would Nigeria football look like over the next 10 to 15years? Subscribe to the White paper:Nigeria Today and the Future of Football – Click Here

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