Snapchat: Why Every Single Nigerian team or Player should Quickly get on this Social Media Platform

There are many stories that can be told real time on photo and video snaps that resonates fans interest about the league, club or player – but that’s exactly what Snapchat is all about. Football clubs have discovered how to utilize this social media platform to build closer relationship with their fans globally; by making these guys feel part of their daily lives.


Some of the biggest football clubs in the world have embraced Snapchat as a way to connect with their fans including: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germaine and 75% of all Premiership teams. Even the US national teams (Men and Women) have separate account to showcase the different activities going on in their camps.

Snapchat revolves around storytelling and engagement through photos and videos. It allows teams to create memorable content using the tools of the platform to showcase players, the team and even sponsors in real-time unscripted narratives. I can go on to explain in detail how the following work:

  • How LMC can utilize Snapchat
  • How NPFL team can utilize Snapchat to engage their fans and influence their interest
  • How NPFL team can utilize Snapchat to promote special matches and events
  • How a player can utilize Snapchat to mingle and make his fans across the world feel closer to him

…but let us look at how Snapchat offers forms of creativity that allows teams to connect with their fans in different and powerful ways


  • The pen tool allows a player or coach autograph on their fans pad. Who doesn’t love a digital autograph? It’s easily downloadable via screenshot.

  • Different filters can add time-stamp to showcase when the image was taken, the temperature… Traditional photos may look cold in early AM but with the filter fans get to know exactly how cold the weather in which the players are having their training session. You know some part of Nigeria can that hot, the heat emitting from the scourging Sun in places like Maiduguri, Gombe… Snapchat let fans know exactly how hot.. It’ll help fans understand why their favorite team is playing in a certain way.

  • Special video filters can also fast forward, slow-down or reverse video. These tools can be fun if not misused. Snap a quick video of players warm up, make it roll faster with fast forward; have a moment of celebration or when a goal is scored, slow it down to make it last longer… and more.

How LMC Can Utilize Snapchat
Sure, League Management Company (LMC) can get on the Social Media to connect to their largely millennial fan base through multiple channels. Every single NPFL team should get on Snapchat downloadable (iOS or Android) App.

Beyond individual clubs showcasing primarily match day action, LMC itself can use Snapchat as a promotional vehicle for the league as a whole, players and teams…

…through the year around major flash points; Rivalry week match, team training sessions, behind scene actions e.g., activities in a team’s camp, dressing room chit-chats…

Snapchat allow fans get a clear look into the lives of the players – as they wake up, go to training, media activities… and more.

A team or player might showcase their daily rountine including a stop at NPFL sponsor – Globacom. NPFL players love Glo-network hour that encourage them to Snapchat logo, office or events around the sponsor. A particular article online describe Snapchat as the new reality TV on social media.

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