Facebook Page Nigerian Football Fans Can’t Help But to Click “Like”

We finally got 1000 “Likes” on our Facebook Page over the Weekend… and the entire crew at GreenHunters Sports International burst into ecstatic celebration – jumped around and pumped champagne.

YES! Just 1000 “Likes” and we are celebrating like that…

It is our first landmark, although our target is to get  10 million Nigeria fans to “Like” the page before the end of 2017.

Well, you feel 1000 “Likes” is like a drop of water in an ocean that doesn’t make much difference. But didn’t the Chinese adage say: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step forward.”

The thing is this…
It is in our DNA to attach so much value on even one “Organic Like” on Facebook. We believe that anyone who click “Like” all by himself, without any form of persuasion – is a TRUE FAN.

It means that the person loved what he saw, may be on our Blog “CheerOnNigeria” or he stumbled on something were shared Online that probably linked him to “Inspire Football” Page on Facebook.

As we always Say…

DISCOVER         - CONNECT         - Enjoy…


Lots of thank you messages and testimonials of how Inspire Football Fan-page has been an immense benefit to these folks that have already connected and enjoying exclusive football services – something they may not find anywhere else; something out of this world.

Maybe, you should go right away to discover for yourself… CLICK HERE
Please, remember to  CLICK “Like” when you are done with looking around the fan page


 [WARNING: You may be easily carried away by the captivating posts… I advice you “Like” first before you start looking around]
Remember, you are important to us.

Now, let me share with you 10 concise reasons we feel we should have as much “Likes” on Inspire Football Fan page on Facebook. It’s for your benefits really.

1. Football is Nothing Without the Fans and we’ve decided to take the responsibility of continually inspiring fans to keep enjoying the game optimally.

2. Football is a Game of Numbers: Many thing football is all about the 22 players on the pitch. But the more fans we get on our fan page, the more we have the capacity to attract better bargains for you – Discount Coupon, Subsidized tickets, Free-trial gifts – from brands across the world.

3. Take your Passion to the Bank: We are going to be providing exclusive opportunities and formulas to help fans continually make money from their football passion.

4. Follow the Game in a whole New Ways: We’ll keep giving you updates on what is trending, innovations and skills to help you enjoy the game better this modern times.

5. Get into the Global Arena: The stadium has grown beyond physical arena into virtual space. You’ll be positioned to participate effectively as part of the global fans in any football match or event of your interest. We provide live streaming, Live blogging or  video links, tweet hashtag and smart chat with the arena and the global fans.

6. We Play  Football Watchdog: Letting you know of changing fans culture and behaviors; changing rules and regulations as football evolves across the world.

7. Education is the Power to Grow the Industry: We’ll let you have access to current research documents;  White papers, Communiques, eBooks…to up date your over all knowledge base and information system for your decisions.

8. Empower the People through Football Opportunities: We’re going to be providing empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities – football trials, training camps,  Football business mentoring, seminars, workshops as well as idea incubation system.

9. Football Social Responsibility: We’ll help both players and fans position as football role models, from personal branding to embarking on community projects… Mobilization of football fans to be involved in social good projects. Using football vehicle to impact societal change and re-orientations…

10. Football Connections: We’ll provide the platform for you to connect with right people that will help you realize your football dreams – through events like Seminars and conferences, virtual networking…

11. Football Gospel: Hmm mm! This one is deep wisdom and insights about God’s saving grace and principles for success – divine health and prosperity…. And MORE!


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