Premiership Teams that Made Fans in Nigeria Happy this Past Season 2015/ 16

It is obvious, football fans in Nigeria love English Premiership so much so that they hardly follow any other league closely, not even the local Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

All through the season that just ended, we saw unusual drama and lots of reactions from fans on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+… and call-in programs on radio and television stations across Nigeria.

We want to take a look at teams in the Premiership that made fans in Nigeria happy, angry or even sad… and more reactions on social media as well as radio – television programs.

GreenHunters Sports International tracked all the reactions through data from SPIKE… and here we let you have all the analysis.

Most Loved
Love was the most popular Facebook and Twitter reactions at 46%. Although, Leicester does not enjoy any significant support from football fans in Nigeria, but 22% on radio and television call-in programs said they loved team’s  Cinderella run to league victory this season, something more like such fairy stories we see on kiddies TV programs. 

It proved the competitive nature of English Premier league and the fact that any team in the elite league cam eventually win the trophy.

Most Happy:
Liverpool fans in Nigeria were the happiest this season; with 18% active participation on social media… and 31% congratulatory messages on radio and television programs across the country.

Fans reacted to what I may call the Klopp’s magic wand, which got team head – to – head win against big-wings like Man Utd , Arsenal…. And a run to Europa Finals.

Most Angry:
Manchester United fans in Nigeria were the angry birds this season.; with about 25.2% reactions on the social media (Twitter and Facebook) and 36% call for Luiz Van Gaal sack .

Van Gaal’s strange tactics and poor judgement  cost the team significant points… and fans anger  got so intense as the team wobbled to FA cup victory.

Most Sad
Chelsea fans in Nigeria felt so sad with poor run of their darling team, which led to the sacking of their Superhero Manager, Jose Mourniho.

Their reactions on social media early in season were more of pity for the mouthed manager. About 12.8% on Twitter – Facebook and 22.2% on Radio –television programs,  fans felt Abrahimovic should have given more time next season.

Most Disappointed
Arsenal fans in Nigeria were the most disappointed, with lowest over all participation on social media 12.3% on Twitter – Facebook and 23% radio – television programs across the country.


Most Arsenal fans felt the season was their chance to win the league, since traditional rivals, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City… were all shooting over the bar. But the team’s inconsistency gave away the trophy to Leicester.

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