8 Weeks Football Agency and Player Management Course in Lagos Nigeria – Specially Designed for You

Why you should become a Player’s Agent?

The Demand for Player’s Agent [Now Called Intermediary] is high, and will continually be high for several years to come!  With players already earning up to $100m in Europe and lots of windfall currently in China, Agents compensation will continually be on the rise even with the new intermediary financial regulations.

The reason is this…

Football players, especially those from Africa, face complicated global challenges, requires proper guidance and representation to maximize their playing career and personal brand.

With various leagues commercializing around the world and marketing opportunities reaching across borders, it is the job of a player’s agent to provide experience negotiating ability and eye for opportunity for his client (player).

This course will prepare you not only for the challenges ahead, but will also put you ahead of competitors.

The Challenges of Studying to Become a Player’s Agent in Nigeria

It cost US$1, 500 to receive a complete Player’s Agency training online. In 8 Weeks, you will have to attend classes and workshops through live streaming on the internet.

Now, US$1, 500 will be an equivalent of about N450, 000, depending on the exchange rate as at the time of payment. It doesn’t include the cost of setting up the required equipment – Laptop or Desktop and a good 3G Internet hotpots to enable you participate in the online classes real-time.

I guess it may be easier option for people in other countries. Of course, we all know the challenges online students currently face in Nigeria – with unstable network and electricity supply that is almost non-existent.

Students will have to pay extra cost to generate their own power supply and yet, may still be cut-off at the middle of a class session – as you may experience regular network down-time.

The Best Deal for You….

TURN 360° offers you an affordable alternative. We say with just N80, 000 [Over 75% off] you can still receive the same qualitative education face-to-face with your Mentor, in a physical classroom here in Lagos Nigeria.

For the same 8 Weeks, Your Mentor Benson Chukwueke, CEO Greenhunters Sports International, will be leading you to learn the skills and strategies required to represent and promote professional football players:

  • The Role and skills of a football player’s Agent

  • FIFA Intermediary regulations and NFF requirements

  • Transfer rules and regulations and the role of transfer window

  • Agency law and contract law

  • Strategies of how to scout a player as a client

  • The process of recruiting a football player as client

  • Third Ownership of a player

  • How to develop professional network in football

  • How to promote a football player to a potential club

  • How to utilize the media to promote a player

  • Strategies of how to use data and analytics to promote a client

  • Training compensation, solidarity mechanism and protection of minors

  • Negotiating on behalf of a young player – how to add value during negotiation

  • Negotiating on behalf of established player

  • Financial Fair Play rules and regulations

  • Player Management strategies – PR = MR + CR

  • Sponsorship and endorsements….

After which you can go to NFF to Register as an Intermediary and obtain the necessary permit.  What you would have learned for 8 weeks will put you ahead and give you an edge in the industry.

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Meet Your Course Mentor
Benson Chukwueke, CEO Green Hunters Sports International, a Sport Marketing and Management consultant for over 7years will be mentoring you.

He has been involved in the transfer of several players from West Africa to Europe, America, and Asia. Chukwueke is one of the greatest player’s managers in Africa. Helping players build a role model personal brand attractive for sponsorship and endorsement.

Chukwueke is also a freelance scout in Nigeria, providing player’s assessment and recommendations to professional teams in Nigeria.

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