Jose Mourinho Vs Roman Abramovich - Chelsea Fans in Nigeria Split Over the Man-U Move

Chelsea FC of England presently enjoying the largest number of fans here in Nigeria may see Manchester United overtake that number once again next season.

Following the split of opinions over Jose Mourinho new move as manager of Manchester United, there could be mass  exodus of fans crossing over to the other side.

“It’s payback time for the 'serial sacker' Roman Abramovich, who threw Mourinho out of Chelsea for spate of poor performances alleged to be caused by players conniving against an arrogant coach. Most fans bemoaned the sacking, preferring that Abramovich gave him a chance next season to correct his mistakes.

As it is, some chelsea fans who are actually adherent supporters of  Mourinho may have to cross carpet with their former Superhero manager to Man-u.

While other felt it was a sabotage of the highest order for the Portuguese tactician  to accept a job from a rival team like Man-u. 

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“He’s man that speaks with two tongues. Once he expressed his emotional love for Chelsea and now he is singing a new song of a secret lover for Man-u.”  Bemoaned a Chelsea fan in Abuja.

Some analysts are of the opinion that  “the Happy one who became sad at Chelsea, decided to accept Man-u job not solely on professional grounds, but to redeem his image.”

“He felt disgraced out of Chelsea and eager to come back strong for Man-U.”

But Mourinho’s Agent Jorge Mendes has a different opinion. “Jose is a professional and doesn’t really work with emotional attachment like a typical fan. He goes to anywhere he feels his services is most needed.”

“Abramovich isn’t an emotional man, so why should Mourinho be.” Reacted Tope Adebayo, a fan in Lagos Nigeria.

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