Football Player’s Agent [As An Intermediary] - the Job Hazards and Prospects

This is a three parts article on Football Player’s Agent as an Intermediary:

  • Player’s Agent [As an Intermediary] Everything you need to Know About the Career

  • [Here is] Player’s Agent (As an Intermediary)  - The Job Hazards and Prospects

How rich is Football Player's Agents?

They say…
An agent is as rich as his client (Player) gets – How true?

In the world of football, many are of the opinion that Players’ Agents cut corners a lot and often very ambitious to scale the bars above their clients. This perception is actually root of the matter why FIFA had to abolish the operations of licensed Agents and replace them with  the concept of Intermediaries.

…before we discuss further on the prospects of the players’ agents’ career, let us look at the job hazards

What are the Job Hazards?
The job involves lots of traveling and traveling at short notice. It can become really stressful during negotiations that could run into weeks, months or even years. At the end, it could even fall through and all the work (time, money and effort put into it) will go down the drain at the close of the transfer window.

Football player’s agent, for many, epitomize everything wrong with the game of football today. Even players which they represent have severally accused their Agents of conniving with clubs to sell them out into ‘Slavery.’

Some young players have also accused their Agents of asking for percentage far too high – that means Agents are perceived generally as frauds, even by the players they represent.

To team managers and club presidents
Agents can appear an obdurate negotiators, intent on exorbitant deals for their clients. Perhaps, because of the commissions that would accrue to them in such deals.

Among fans…
Agents are often seen as manipulative and cynical, loyal only to their own pockets and capable of convincing players to abandon clubs against their best interest.

Aspiring candidates who want to become players’ agent should be ready to deal with all these harsh perceptions and possibly reactions.

What are the Prospects?
In spite all the hazards and wrong perceptions about the job, it can be a very lucrative job; just ask Gareth Bale’s agent, Jonathan Bennett of Stellar Group.

An Agent can actually hang on his successful client, especially where he has gained the player’s trust. So many thing can be going on, but an agent is as rich as his client gets…

And if  you are Jorge Mendes, the agent that represents both Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho, then you can imagine how fat your bank account can be.

With football players in Europe already earning up to  €100m in sign-on-fees and €200, 000 per week in salary and new commercial opportunities opening up in emerging football markets like China, USA,  Mexico,,, the demand for players’ agent is ever increasing and remain key in negotiating and closing  deals for their clients for many years to come.

Remember,  a player’s Agent (now called Intermediary) has the legal authority to operate anywhere in the world  as long as the country is in association with FIFA.

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