3 Quick Ways You Can Make Money Following English Premiership Games Live

 This is part of our series #Take Your Passion to the Bank…

We have written several popular posts that has helped millions of football lovers across the globe monetize their passion for the game.

…It’s no longer a secret that you can make reasonable amount of money while following your passion for football.

It’ all your choice to either think like… and act like a millionaire.
Millionaires find ways to monetize their leisure. Better put….
Millionaires find ways to make money even while having fun, leisure or holidays… in fact, making money is their true leisure.

Expecting to make money while watching a Premiership match for instance, makes your heart beat faster, eh?
It also makes you a stakeholder in the game and not just an ordinary spectator
It makes the game more interesting to the point that you focus all attention to every minute of the game.
Following football is no longer a waste of time, but opportunity to make more money and better your life.
It depends on how you see it really.

There are several ways you can make money following the most glamorous football league in the world – the English Premiership. I will just introduce to you three of the best ways you can get rich while also enjoying your passion for EPL.

Of course, you can start immediately by getting ready for the next premiership fixture this week. You can start with the most popular way of making money – Sport Betting.

1. Sport Betting: As a football fan, your knowledge of the game will help you decide on the odds and the probable result for any match fixture you are interested in, not only in Premiership matches, but across all the popular leagues in the world.

Ok, I understand if you have not made out time to learn how to play and target-stake certain fixtures in EPL.

Well, it is not late, anytime you wake to an opportunity around you, becomes your early hours… so get up and start running. I will recommend two important posts that will help you a lot:

We will not be discussing formula here, because this is like an introduction, an eye opener to Sport betting opportunities… so no discussing of the natty-gritty, but instead, I will recommend to you

2. Fantasy Football: Pick-live introduced Live Fantasy Football in 2014 and since then, the game has become the second most popular money making avenue among football fans across the globe.

The game depends on “Opta statistics” to help you decide five players you feel will be the highest performers in a particular match of your interest. Then you get onto the Leaderboard to view your own Fantasy team progress as the real live match progresses.

…to learn more about this fantasy football game also read

3. Live Match Quiz: This game works like “Who Want to be a Millionaire’s Lifeline or Fastest finger.” You will be required to answer a question thrown at you, in 20 seconds… while the match is going on, a question pop-up from “Quick Play” Website for you…

You can be asked about the match statistics, commentaries, team list, time substitute was made… anything emanating from the live match, and you have just 20 seconds to provide the answer and move over to the next level, until you are able to answer the entire ten questions.

Winner s emerge at the first half and are paid their prizes immediately so the game continues another session in the second half.
… You learn more about Quick Play – Live Match quiz.

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