How to Give Birth to A High-Profiting Football Business in Nigeria [In as Few as 90 Days]

This is part of the series: “Take your Passion to the Bank.”

How you can build a viable business around your football passion, so you enjoy life doing what you love doing best – and that would be your business.

[Here] we’ll be revealing to you how you can give birth to you own high-profiting football business in Nigeria [and we say we can mentor you for as few as 90 days]

We start by helping you CONCEIVE your own profiting football business BRAIN-CHILD.

…We do this by having several ‘inter-course’ session where we burst all the myths that has held you back or made you barren all these years… so  you can impregnate a more feasible football business idea.

The thing is this…

Everything they told you about football not being commercialized in Nigeria and therefore you cannot build a viable business around the industry – is DEAD WRONG!

I can tell you because we are in the football marketing and management consultant service and we’ve mentored quite a few entrepreneurs and watch them grow into a multi-million Naira football businesses in Nigeria.

Ask Akin Alabi, the founder of… Whoa! That guy is raking-in billions…

I can say that again, AKIN ALABI is making millions of Naira every week from his [majorly football] sports betting business in Nigeria.

It might shock you to hear this but…

There’s NO SUCH THING as football consumer problem, not in Nigeria where we have over 50million active fans .

A football business that thinks it has customer problem actually has an offer problem!

…is either it doesn’t have an offer… don’t have the right offer or…don’t have it’s offer optimized (Promoted to the right target market).

…we’ll expound on this in detail during our mentor-ship service called; TURN360° Football Business Incubator.

Meanwhile, lets burst the second myth…

Maybe you’ve been told you can build a profitable business around any football niche you are passionate about… After all, Nigerians are football crazy… WRONG AGAIN!

If there is not a sustainable market for your passionate niche, then all the time and money you invest in building the business is a complete waste of your precious time… You’re just busy doing nothing or better said, you’re putting a lot of hard work with nothing to show for it – THAT”S SAD!

To confidently build a football business around a market, you must determine whether:

  • The market is big enough

  • The market is monetizable

… to determine if the market is large enough look for

  • The size of active demand

  • Source of sustainable supply

Now, take this food for thought…

If 50 million Nigerians are crazy about football…
QUESTION: Are they crazy about Nigeria Professional Football league or the English Premiership?

…it will be wrong [Business wise] to invest in a football start-up around what consumers are not passionate about… Consumers utility level for NPFL is less than 20%, so to say.

TURN 360° theories says, instead of building a stadium in Nigeria, turn around to build a viewing center –  then you will make money.

…Instead of stocking a sports shop with NPFL merchandise, turn around and stock English premiership and other European league stuffs – these are what football consumers in Nigeria are yearning to pay for.

The crux  of the matter is…

If you look for a real football consumers’ need and go ahead to meet it, you will make money!

As I said before, we’ll expound all these theories during our TURN 360° Football Business Incubator – mentor-ship program with you… It is open to anybody who is looking at running a football business in Nigeria. You can apply for the mentor-ship today. Call: +234 809 877 2556 or email:

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