China Trials: Get on the List of Nigerian Footballers Traveling to Shanghai - Find Out HOW!

I guess your question should be – HOW? How can I get on the list of footballers traveling to China for Trials?

Through Alibaba Connection

Before I tell you how it works, let me inspire you a little.

Did you know a second division team in China can pay upto $11m to a young enterprising player from Africa? The young Nigerian Afolabi Adeniji of Buruji Soccer Academy got $5.5m transfer fee from Jiangsu Sunning.

And if you are a big star like Ghanaian goal-king Asomoah Gyan, who was paid $50m by Shanghai SPG, then travel to China with a Bullion Van; you’re sure to stuff lots of money into several  bags of ‘Ghana-must-go.’

The irony is this… While most footballers in Nigeria are looking for ways to get into Europe… many stars in Europe are moving away to China..

China is where the windfalls now! Imagine, Gervinho got $13m, Ramires got $21m and Alex Texeira got $37m… As I write this, Guangzhou Evergrande is chasing Zlatan Ibrahinovic with a record $80m and Jorge Mendes is the one on top of it.

Yes,  Jorge Mendes, the Agent representing Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho, has established a big-presence in China; in partnership with Foyo culture and entertainment, a subsidary of Chinese investment conglomerate Fosun International. This tells you how big China has become.

Well, if you still think Chinese Super League is a second-rate league, then think again. Perhaps, you don’t  have all the information of what is happening in China right now. Former Brazilian national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari; Former England National team coach Goran Ericksson; Dragan Stojkovic, tipped to be Arsene Wengers Arsenal successor… are all coaching in China.

By 2018, Chinese Super League (CSL) will be the third most-watched football league in the world, only behind the Bundesliga and the Premiership. CSL has already broken the 25, 000 average stadium attendance barrier.

The passion and football followership in China is huge. In 2015, Chinese broadcasters paid just $9m for the TV right. And one year after in 2016, it has gone up to $200m to show the tremendous growth and the global interest towards Chinese football industry.

So you get it now, why I said you should focus on China – that may be the best place for your football career. Th transfer system isn’t that complex. In China, it’s naked capitalism – there’s lots of money and lots of people happy to great players come from oversea.

Yes, I said earlier that you travel to China through Alibaba connection and I am not joking really. If you don’t already know Alibaba, it means  you haven’t done any  good business in china.

Alibaba is the Internet giant that link most business people to China. The company bought 50% shares in the biggest football club in China, Guangzhou Evergrande, for $190m. GreenHunters Sports Internatiional is on the verge of signing a Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) with the China trading company, on how to be transfering  West African  top talents to China.

This is how it works…

You can get on the list of footballers travelling to China for trial in the following months…  by picking up your phone now and dial: +234 809 877 2556… then, you can book a date for Assessment - when a consortium of coaches will assess your football skills and talent – in Lagos Nigeria.

You will have to pay a registration fees of N8, 000. You will be given further details and instructions on hw to and when to pay. [NOTE: only this delicated phonenumber will be used to communicate with you i.e +234 809 877 2556]. You know what I mean, to protect you from Internet fraud.

Let me make it clear here: Not very player who registered for the Assessment will be travelling to China. Only outstanding players selected after the Assessment can be included in the list. Soif you are confident of your footballl skills and talent, then feel free to call us NOW!

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