Golden Boot Equity: Financing Football Players’ Trial Expenses – with Great ROI !

 Golden Boot Equity (GRE) is the most valuable equity there is. It is the quickest way any investor can translate his football passion into millions of dollars overnight… By investing your funds in the marketing of some outstanding startup football players in Africa.

The Challenges Young start up Players Face

Almost every startup player in Nigeria struggles with how to create awareness for their football skills and talent. They often lack the right platform; either they do not have the money to get into a standard football academy where they could develop attractive video clips… or go for trial camps where their talent could be spotted by scouts and agents.

Unfortunately, they have little or no option than to find the money to do the necessary things, since without awareness marketing potential clubs and agents will not even know such outstanding talents exist.

Players with great awareness marketing, for example through media attention will move faster in their career… such players could easily attract a call-up into the cadet national team Golden Eaglets or may even attract scouts or agents who could fix-them-up in the youth team of any top flight club abroad.

Some outstanding players may have received free media attention through participation in school sports or  popular grassroots football tournaments like gtbank principal cup, Channels kids cup, MTN Street soccer...

Others had to pay a token to  attend the GreenBall Player’s assessment program organized by GreenHunters Sports International, a sport Marketing and management company in Lagos Nigeria.

GreenHunters Scouting Report becomes the only document used to recommend outstanding players to clubs abroad.

Of course, some teams in the lower division abroad could give players opportunity for try out in their club based on the scouting report, but may not be willing to take any financial risk.

The club management may be skeptical about the document and ask the Agent or player to pay their flight  tickets as well as other logistic expenses… only to be refunded if the player succeeds in the trials…

This kind of offer poses yet another challenge…
Who funds the trials…. The agent or the player? Both may not be in the position to afford such huge amount of money required to meet the offer.

…but trials is what every startup player needs to attend even when they have the least amount of money to go for it.

Luckily, there’s an alternative…

I heard that there’s an alternative way to pay for player’s awareness marketing and trial-test expenses through fans equity…. The idea sound interesting so I did a bit of research about it…. I was able to find out a another investment option, what I decided to call – GOLDEN BOOT EQUITY (GBE).

GBE could make you a millionaire in few months , if not weeks. It is the quickest way for any sport investor to translate his football passion into millions of dollars overnight… by paying for a player’s marketing and trial-test expenses, in return earn a high percentage dividend from the player’s sign-on fees.

This is it…
Any agent/ intermediary that received this kind of offer for their client should invite GBE Operators to come and assess the player’s talent.

GBE Investor are organized by GreenHunters Sports International… in line with their GreenBall Player’s assessment program… In case you are interested in becoming GBE Investor, please kindly register your interest … CLICK HERE

More information about this invest opportunity will sent to you.

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