Mobile Ticketing Make Fans' Go Easy at Nigerian Stadiums – Recommended!

 Fans in Nigeria don’t have to queue for hours to buy tickets to get into the stadium. Such system of ticketing is fast fading away in this era of technology.

Not any More…
Mobile ticketing system delivers lots of convenience and save time for everyone.

Mobile ticketing is a process where by fans can order, pay for, obtain and or validate tickets using their mobile phones or other mobile devices.

Step-by-step of How It Works…

  • Get the stadium App; that means every stadium in Nigeria should develop their own App or URL e.g. Teslim Balogun Stadium App or www,

  • Buy your ticket online and choose ‘mobile ticketing’ as your delivery option.

  • Enter your mobile phone number and your phone model

  • After completing the transaction, you’ll  receive a message on your phone… if your phone is MMS or WAP enabled, you receive a Bar code or QRPcode image... If your phone only accept text (SMS) messages, you’ll receive a special alpha-numeric code that can be manually entered at the stadium gate.
  • Do not delete the text message… save it or leave it in your inbox – THIS MESSAGE IS YOUR TICKET

  • When you arrive at the stadium entry point, open the Bar code or QRP code or text message and hand your phone to the ticketing staff at the gate… to read it on a Bar code scanner.

…if for any reason the Bar code is unreadable or your phone doesn’t accept images, they’ll have to enter the bar code digits manually.

Indeed, attending football matches gets more enjoyable using mobile ticketing…

  • You can buy your match ticket on the go, wherever you are (once tickets are up for sales online)

  • It greatly improve fans convenience

  • It delivers quick entry into the stadium

  • It reduces infrastructural cost such as ticket printing/ mailing cost.

  • Give stadium operators more control over the crowd… and ability to enforce no resale condition as engage in price discrimination.

Although, there are few shortcomings applying the new technology in Nigeria, especially with the epileptic electricity power supply…

  • If the phone battery run out, the mobile ticket cannot be accessed and the fan cannot get into the stadium

  • If the bar code reader becomes faulty, then unending queue may prop up and the stadium operators may have to device other means to verify the tickets.

  • Some fans may not have mobile phone at the moment, so for this and other reasons, alternative payment method must be available at the stadium.

  • Many stadium operators find it difficult to transit from the old way… for the fear of possibly forgery of tickets by hackers

Of course, the benefits of using mobile ticketing system far outweighs the short comings at the moment. We recommend that stadiums in Nigeria quickly invest on this new mobile ticketing system.

The application cost is so affordable.. a bar code scanner is 30times less the amount of a 1d laser printer; then the cost of paper usage.

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