Why Be A Fake Or Quack, When You Can Easily Become A Legitimate Player’s Agent/ Intermediary in Nigeria? Find Out How!

Your desire to become a great football player’s agent is good – it’s a legitimate profession. But if you have decided to start practicing without the necessary knowledge, skills and permit from Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), then that’s illegitimate!

It is grievous really, how some ‘bad eggs’ have 'illegitimatize' such a legitimate profession. These personas that parade themselves as agents in Nigeria are either fake or quack.

What’s the difference anyway…
A fake player’s agent is actually a fraudster who goes about plotting and duping young start up players of their funds. They make these innocent players pay through their nose and drain all their blood.

The faster the police nab these kind of agents and quickly put them away in jail, the better… What these fake agents really need is re-orientation as well as rehabilitation!

But the bad news is this…
After serving a jail term, an ex-convict isn’t legible anymore to obtain a work permit as a player’s agent in Nigeria...

A quack player's agent, on the other hand, is anyone who parade himself as an agent, but doesn’t have the cognate knowledge, skills and permit to practice… such a person more often wouldn’t deliver and wouldn’t abide by the ethics of the profession.

In the eyes of the law, there’s no real difference between a fake and a quack player’s agent. They are both candidates for police arrest and discipline..

The purpose of this article isn’t to expose you or even condemn  you, but to correct the abnormality and guide you on what to do immediately to upgrade your status…

We understand that the motive of most quacks is to become great agents, but do not know how to about it. I think you should feel lucky that you came across this article.

Simple, you need knowledge and practical skills, then you can easily pass the exam or interview to obtain your work permit from NFF.

Without delay, go for the education immediately,

...what is worth doing, is what doing well!

It cost $1, 500 to enroll for football player’s agent  course online. You’ll need to have the right gadgets: Desktop or laptop and at least 3G internet connection modem, Hotspot or Wi-Fi, to attend live classroom lectures online.

We are aware of what online students face in Nigeria due to the inefficiency of the internet providers in the country. It can be complex and expensive for most aspiring candidates who sincerely want to acquire the knowledge and skills of the profession.

… I guess this may be one of the reasons most of them decided to remain as quacks.

The good news however… 
You can get the education right here in Nigeria!
For just N120, 000, you’ll study a 2-in-1 “Agency and Player’s Management course in 8 weeks, here in Lagos Nigeria.
Detailed information will be sent to you about the admission date and lecture time

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