Super Star Academy: The First Virtual Football School in Nigeria – Join Now!

Exciting news here! We’ve just launched SUPER STAR ACADEMY for android and iPhone users… This is perhaps, the first virtual football Academy in Africa, if not the world over.

I wanted to make sure you were one of the first people to know about it, so you join immediately!

YES! You can join FREE OF CHARGE as one of the ‘early birds…’ but I know later on players would have to pay some price before they can become a member of the Academy.

To join now is so simple… go to Apple Store or Google Play Store to Download ‘Kings-chat….’ When you  have completed your Sign-In Registration on King-chat, then send us your ‘QR Code’ or the phone number you used in the Sign-In Registration….

Send it to: +234 809 877 2556 or email us: , so we can  add you to Superstar Academy [Cell1] immediately.

Why You Should Join this Virtual Football Academy

The life of a professional football player can easily get complicated… especially footballers from Africa playing abroad… most of them weren’t tutored or prepared for the career ahead. It’s a different ball game out there… and this is the reason I think you should join this virtual platform where football players around Africa can connect to a very interactive live chat and broadcast

 Your Academy manager, Benson Chukwueke, CEO GreenHunters Sports International, will be training you from the comfort of your home “why and how you Can Become a Football Super – Star!”

Brazilian stars like Neymar JR, was well tutored to become “The Next World Football Super Star.”

Today, we talk about the power of CR7… how Cristano Ronaldo has built for himself a very powerful global brand… all the personal branding and brand building strategies were orchestrated by expert Sport Marketing professionals.

Perhaps, a little Teaser…
Did you why Pele is regarded as World’s football icon and not Maradona? Simple, it is because Pele is a more marketable Superstar role model

After Pele, who becomes the next football icon…, David Beckham or Kaka?
Did you know why Kaka is regard as the greatest football role model of all time?

By the time you spend a significant time in the Academy, you would have had a clear vision, mission and purpose for your football career “Why You Need to be a Football Super Star as quickly as possible.

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