10 Seconds Football Video I Made on Snapchat - Just Watch It... and Have Fun!

I was actually observing my son Alfred Chukwueke kick the ball around in the children's room this weekend... and I thought you should see what he was doing too. So I decided to snapchat him and make a story out of it.

In less than 24 hours, it got over 5million view on Snapchat... It became a family delight... My elder brother obinna Chukwueke who lives in Boston USA said he had viewed the video over a hundred times and showed it to as many families that cared to watch.

I also posted it on Facebook... My friend's elder sister Stella Unigwe in  Milan Italy was the first to re-share it...and now over 10, 000 re-share on Facebook...

Simply Amazing, with the success story of this 10 seconds Snapchat that has turned my 2 years old son into a Superstar overnight... 

 We immediately  adopted it as our Facebook Advert for INSPIRE FOOTBALL Fanspage www.facebook.com/inspire.football

... that exploded it, over 10 million views... and hundreds of new "Like" on the fanpage just because of this inspiring, yet funny short video.

We have decided to post it on Twitter, Google+ and perhaps, YouTube and Vine may be the next social media platform we can showcase the Snapchat video. Watch it now and have fun!

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