Enugu Rangers Replica Jersey High on Demand After Launch. – How you Can Order for it?

 Following Enugu Rangers performance in the on-going Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) season, fans demand for the team’s replica jersey have been on high.

Rangers has been in their best element being placed first on the league table for an appreciable period of the NPFL season 2016.

In fact, considering the way the club is going (both team and fans),this might just be their year to win the elite domestic league after 32 years of drought. You can only imagine how excited the fans are…the team last won the league in 1984.

 Rangers found in 1970 is still the pride of the eastern Nigerian people… the darling team of the Ibo tribe found after the civil war. The team’s fans are spread abroad… estimated to be about 15 million active followers across the globe.

This year, the fans mobilization system have been fabulous… Using local radio and television station as well as driving around the city with a mega phone van to call the fans into action…  

Fans response have been equally tremendous… in some key matches like the tribal battle between Rangers Vs 3Sc in Enugu, fans had to come to the stadium all clad in white attires.

SELECT, the sport wear partners of Rangers International decided this may be the best time to launch the team’s replica Jersey into the market for the fans use.

 At the pre-launch day, during the oriental derby between Enyimba Vs Rangers at the Amasiamaka stadium in Port Harcourt, over 30, 000 pieces of the jersey were sold…  People were so eager to buy, including  lots of Enyimba fans.

It hasn’t been like that for any Nigerian club with exception of Kano Pillars; most Nigerian fans prefer to purchase jerseys of Premier League teams or other popular European clubs like Real Madrid, Barca, Byern Munich… But for Rangers replica jersey, it has been an instant success to tell you how legendary the club is.

The Jerseys (Home – White color) and (Away – Red color) is sold at any match venue where Rangers is playing… But you can still find it in Sports Shops around the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium Enugu.

From the tweet we received, we learn that you also pre-order… but we are not sure whether online or through bank code… they will deliver in the next Rangers match ;if you like.

Please, we will like you to comment below if you have such information.

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