Football Trial/ Training Camp in Nigeria: Why You Should Go for the Upcoming Program?

Counting from the last two years, over a million players across Africa have contacted us. They wanted us to provide for them football trials opportunity in Europe. I wish it was that easy to introduce them all to a club at least…

But to successfully market an African footballer to clubs abroad, the player would have been outstanding playing for his national team in a major tournament like the FIFA World cup.

Otherwise, the player should have well produced video clips of his best performances, which must also be attractive to clubs management.

To market a player through an Agent’s goodwill and relationship with a club almost always turn out with much to be desired… it’s like forcing a camel through the eye of a needle.

Although, we usually focus on the few success stories, but not many footballers are aware that over 85% of players introduced to clubs abroad fail their trials. Well, some are dropped because they do not possess an EU Passport.

I don’t mean anyhow players, some of the best selected from NPFL,NNL, Nationwide league or probably, players from top football Academies in Nigeria… aren’t good enough ,eh?

You may say “Not me!” While you are still basking with confidence, let me remind you that opportunity to go for a trial is usually very difficult to come by. It may just be once… I mean only one chance to jump start your football career, so you can’t afford to blow it.

The cost of traveling abroad and returning without success is huge… the club and Agent could abandon you to fend for yourself in such a strange country…

The frustration of returning back to square one in Nigeria may breach your confidence forever. This is the reason you can’t afford to blow up a single trial opportunity that comes your way.

We have always recommended you first attend the trial/ Training camp in Nigeria, where you will be properly thought the tricks and tips… how you can successfully scale through any trial opportunity with a club anywhere in the world.

As I said earlier, millions of footballers in Africa are seeking for such opportunity to show case their talent in front of Agents Scouts or club managers… only few players can afford to participate in a trial camp abroad.

A player is required to pay a participation fee of about US$500 – US$700… and the added expenses of Visas application and flight tickets could run into millions of Naira… only few players in Nigeria could afford that.

Having discovered the financial challenges, we decided to turn the table around and instead, invite scouts as well as Agents from around the world to attend our trial camp in Lagos Nigeria… and have more players in the country; indeed, around West Africa participate at a much more affordable fees of US$150 (equivalent of about N50, 000, depending on the exchange rate).

The success rate of GreenBall Trial/Training Camp in Nigeria have been very inspiring… 13 players have been able to participate in several club trials in Spain, Sweden, Belgium and China, since 2013.

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