What League Management Company is doing on Social Media – Are You Following the Revolution?

League Management Company (LMC) is doing a lot on Social Media, which I feel many football fans in Nigeria are not even aware of… and I don’t mind telling our global audience here.

I perceive most fans have developed some kind of ineptitude after long years of denial… not able to watch Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) on local free-to-air television channels and sparse information usually hidden inside back page of most popular newspapers in Nigeria.

Only about 29% of Nigerian household own cable TV (DStv Decoder) and can access the once a week match broadcast on SuperSport… which  means about 75% of football fans in Nigeria cannot actively follow NPFL.

This will definitely change from what LMC is doing now… posting great videos, articles, news and documentaries, match highlights, fixtures, results and league table on several social media platforms – real time. But the issue is this, not many fans are following.

In a country that has over 50 million active football consumers, of which 80% of them are of millennial age and are all on several social media platforms. LMC was only able to get 24, 010 “likes” on its Facebook fan page and 39, 602 followers on its Twitter handle as well as 28, 300 subscribers on YouTube as at the time of this publications – very minimal I must say.

For a league as big as NPFL, LMC social media platforms shouldn’t have anything less than 100 million followers across board… Nigeria is a football country and NPFL has the capacity to become a global brand, having fans scattered across several countries of the world.

Perhaps, LMC should embark on a massive integrated advertising campaign online and offline… inviting fans to join their fan page, especially on Facebook and local free-to-air television channels in Nigeria.

Such investment on integrated advertising campaign will eventually pay-off. With LMC having a large followers online, will definitely increase the sponsorship value of the elite league in Nigeria.

It will have a ripple effect as fans get engaged with LMC contents online, it will re-activate their interest and perhaps, start increasing attendance at NPFL Match Stadiums and other events.

Why You Should Start Following LMC on Your Choice Social Media?
For me, it is better to hear from the horse’s mouth than hear-say from other sources. Who will be in a better position to give authentic information about NPFL if not LMC? This is the reason you should start following immediately.

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