Nigeria Local TV Stations and 3 Different Ways You Can Watch the Olympic Games Live?

Of course, there's no local free-to-air tv station in Nigeria that has the right to broadcast the Olympic games live. But that shouldn't  discourage you in any way to be part of this global fiesta that will be on from August 5 to August 20. You can easily watch the games in any of the three different ways that suits your convenience.

 For one, you can watch the games on your Cable tv: SuperSports and GOtv...
In a statement from SuperSport , it was revealed that all 306 Olympic events will be shown live across 7 channels on DStv and 3 channels on GOtv.

 SuperSport channels on DStv and GOtv will capture the moments from every angle with no fewer than 7/24-hour channels being broadcast.

"With 306 medal sets available, SuperSport will broadcast live every gold-medal event, ensuring unprecedented coverage of the sport spectacle. There will be more than 2500 hours of the Olympics broadcast over 15 days ," the statement reads.

Four channels , SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7 plus three additional channels, SS12, SS13 and SS14, will be dedicated to the Rio Games, while other channels like SS1 and SS3 will, where available, carry overflow content, chiefly Sevens rugby, golf and soccer.

SS12 will be a dedicated 24-hour Olympic news channel which will be produced by the International Olympic Committee.

GOgetters will experience the Olympics on three pop-up channels, SS5, SS7 and SS12, for the duration of the sporting event. Coverage will include Olympics news, Boxing, basketball, football, Gymnastics and Weightlifting.

You shouldn't miss the games because you do not have a cable tv or perhaps you will be on the go all through the days... then prepare to watch live streaming online.

Below are list of Channels on SuperSports cable tv and live streaming channels where you fully enjoy the Olympic games.

1. SuperSports Olympic Channels:

  • SS4 Opening ceremony, swimming, athletics, marathon, walk, closing ceremony.

  • SS5 Hockey, handball, volleyball (beach and indoors), gymnastics, trampoline.

  • SS6 Tennis, basketball, four cycling disciplines, table tennis, badminton.

  • SS7 Boxing, weight lifting, judo.

  • SS12 Olympic News Channel.

  • SS13 Watersport: rowing, diving, etc.

  • SS14 Fencing, modern pentathlon, equestrian.

  • SS12, SS13 and SS14 (channels 212, 213 and 214) will be available in all territories.

  • SS1 Golf, Sevens rugby (when not clashing with live non-Olympic sport).

  • SS3 Football (when not clashing with live non-Olympic sport).

2. Live Streaming Channels Online:
These are list of channels where you can watch Olympic football matches online:




3. Highlights and Playback
Finally, some the matches will be played at the early hours of the morning (Nigetian Time GMT +) and if couldn't catch them live, then you can view all the highlights or even the playback of the full match on:





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