2016 Reach out Nigeria Digital Revolution: How to Receive a Messenger Angel on Your iPad or SmartPhone (October Edition)

Rhapsody of Realities Spreading into Everyman’s Device

Cheer on Nigeria partnership with Christ Embassy Reach out Nigeria to bring real change to our country Nigeria has been phenomenal.

The movement which is determined to get everyone to imbibe the Patriotic Spirit that can get our economy up and running;  our streets to  be safe again, so our kids can come outside and play... and  everyone of us partake in  eating the good of the land.

Most economic theories and political reconciliations have failed because the solution isn't in human wisdom or intelligence...

 And this year a messenger Angel will be sent to your iPads; Tabs and Smartphones to deliver to you the word of God... A message sent through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to everyone in this country... Spreading the word into everyone's devices

The message is for you whether you are a footballer or fan... whatever profession, tribe, or gender is... the message that has the ability to transform the poor to become rich; the sick to recover full health... the message that will make you a superstar in your profession.

For you to receive this message on your phone or tab, simply click the link below to request for it.

We decided to adopt this option to allow people who may find it difficult to receive Rhapsody of Realities hard copies because of confinement, seclusions or religious divides... with your device we can go through the iron curtains.

Statistics shows that over 75% of Nigerians (140 million people) own at least a mobile phone and about 100 million own a smartphone. This makes distribution of eCopies of Rhapsody of Realities a very effect means... Moreover, it is much more easlier and safer for everyone to receive.

Well not to worry if you do not have a device of any kind. Our distributors will still bring the book in hard copies to your streets, offices and homes.

For how you can fully participate, go to:

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