How to Break into the Football Industry in Nigeria and Have Your Dream Job

 There is a dreamer present inside of us.

When we sit quietly and let our mind wander we allow ourselves to be the GM of our favorite team, a Scout or Agent discovering the next Paul Pogba in the remote villages of  Ihitte, or a sports talk radio host or football analyst talking about the big games on TV and over the airwaves. 

You don't have to be a football star like Chuba Akpom or an ex-int'l like Austin Okocha to have your dream job in the football industry in Nigeria

The truth is, there are more jobs in football than any other sector in the sports industry in Nigeria, they have great earning potentials to make you wealthy in life.

So why is it difficult to get your dream football career?
Simple. It's because many people are ignorant of such simple ways to break into the football industry and have their dream job.

If this is your challenge, not to worry anymore,  the solution has come. Here I will show you three simple steps you need to take

Use the Power of your Tongue:
Just know this as a major take away in this article. Anything you can imgine in your heart, you can call to being. Keep saying what you want in life; don't  stop talking it like the popular saying of Pastor Chris Oyakhlome... And watch everything both in the Spiritual and physical realm gravitate together to help you achieve your dreams.

Get Trained:
Second, get out of your shell and go for your dream job.
Indeed, I have seen some people just start off like that and say they are now a Coach, Analyst, Scout or even Agent... It's  not good enough to parade yourself as a quack when you can get trained properly for it.

Research has shown that people who received training performs ten times better than those who didn't. We can train or help you find the right training for your dream football career. So you can acquire the right skills that will make you deliver on your brand promise.

Third,  go out to network with people in the area of your interest. Attend games and events where you are likely to find them... Then, ask someone you know to introduce you to key players or even to a mentor who can take you around and further introduce you to others.

Thank God for the internet and the social media. You can connect with key players, even connect to your model football personality globally and follow him or her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIin... Send message to him for online mentoring or at least ask him or her to share resources with you.

We at GreenHunters Sports International can consult with you; to find the best way we can help you achieve your dream football career. Telephone call: +234 809 877 2556 Or email:

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