OGENYI ONAZI : Why I Listen to Gospel Music and Inscribed Psalm 23 on All My Football Boots

 Like the Prophets of old, Trabzonspor midfielder Ogeniyi Onazi says he usually require gospel music to stir himself up before going into any football match

Onazi has revealed his childhood dream was to be a gospel artiste if he had not gone into playing football, and hope to return to his first love after his active football days.

The 23-year old midfield maestro who moved to the Turkish side from Lazio over the summer declared his love for singing music while revealing the secret behind the customized bible verse on his boots.

"Well, if I don't play football, I think I will go into gospel music because that has been my passion right from small; football - music," Onazi told Planet Sport FA.

"I listen to all Christian music, provided the music is a very good and enjoyable - good instrumentation, good sound.

"If you see me in my car, especially when I'm going for a match, I get a good sound system where I can listen to good gospel music, because when I listen to the instrumentation some of such music, it stirs up  my spirit and my moral is boosted...

 I have personally observed that I play better when I take time out to stir my spirit that's why other players may have observed me going through the routine, listening to music before we play any match…” Onazi Explains

"If you see my football boots the place where they wrote my name, you will always see Psalm 23... That has always been my favorite verse in the bible, it tells you everything about God and how God is going to be with you forever."

It’s my key verse for victory. "I needed to assure myself that the lord is with me always and He will never leave nor forsake me. It gives me this confidence and boldness like a lion every time I think of it or mediate on this verse of scripture." Onazi Concluded.

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