Advertising on Enugu Rangers' Shirts, A High Premium (High Beneficial) Space for Sponsors Now!

Advertising on Enugu Rangers' Shirts A High Premium (High Beneficial) Space for Sponsors Now! - Sport Marketing Expert Benson Chukwueke Explains why

It is a wonder how Enugu Rangers finished the 2015/16 season without a Shirt Sponsor. Was it that brand managers were not thinking along this promotional line or sport marketers were not presenting them with such option?

Enugu Rangers turned out to be a crowd pulling club in Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). Right from the opening match between Kano Pillars Vs Enugu Rangers last season, over 28, 000 spectators forced their way into the 21,000 capacity Sani Abacha Stadium Kano.

And at the final league match against El kanemi, Enugu Rangers broke the NPFL attendance record with

Over 58, 000 spectators... and many couldn't even find their way into the 30, 000 capacity Nnamdi Azikwe stadium Enugu.

Rangers contributed over 40% of total 180 million NPFL cable television viewership on SuperSports. Rangers also recorded a total 3,206 posts with over 6.3 million impressions on the Social media. Over 50, 000 Rangers replica jerseys and other merchandise were sold, which also have an overhelming road exposure.

Now being the Champions of NPFL, I expected that at least 10 corporate brands or so,  should be jostling for which one will eventually win the contract to advertise on the shirts of this premium club come next season. The fact is advertising on clubs kits has become a prime estate for corporate sponsors globally, and I wonder why it hasn't cut up with advertisers in Nigeria.

Why should advertisers jostle to invest on Enugu Rangers Shirts this coming season?

Premium Quality
A General answer should be Npfl growing appeal to a wild range of audiences. But beyond the passion for football in Nigeria, Enugu Rangers enjoys a most exclusive reputation as a Legendary club not only in Nigeria, but in the whole of Africa.

Rangers holds the record as the only club in Nigeria that hasn't tasted the lower league since its inception in 1970. Arguably, the Nigerian club with the largest number of supporters today.

Associating with Enugu Rangers by advertising on its shirts  let your corporate brand share in the club's legendary reputation.

High Beneficial
Enugu Rangers as the current NPFL champions will play in the continental tournament - CAF Champions League as well as Npfl this coming season... that means Rangers will enjoy more media exposure. Advertising on the club's shirts take your brand to continental recognition.

Idenifying with Enugu Rangers by advertising on the club's shirts let your brand enjoy goodwill among the sporting community in Nigeria. That will surely give your brand a competitive edge and an exclusive naming right.

It will direct or indirectly help your brand achieve its sales targets. The increased awareness of the brand on Enugu Rangers jerseys, will consciously or unconsciously attract more football fans to partronize your brand.

How Much should A Corporate brand Pay for the Enugu Rangers Shirt Sponsorship Deal?

Selling advertising space on NPFL clubs Shirts should be lucrative: following the growing reputation of the league, no club's shirts sponsorship rate should be less than US$1 million dollars.

 But the shirt-sponsorship revenues during the 2015-2016 season run low. Only GOtv Advertisement  on Ikorodu United estimated to worth about N200 million naira (equivalent to US$500k) and NairaBet advertisement on 3SC shirts also estimated at about N125 million Naria.

In today's football business, Shirt Sponsorship deals are providing a greater part of the overall commercial revenue of any major club around the world... Greater than TV rights revenue and
far greater than total ticket revenue.

Shirt Sponsorship deals enable clubs to purchase and maintain high quality players... And for Enugu Rangers, current NPFL champions and perhaps, the club with the most followership in Nigeria. Their Shirt Sponsorship rate shouldn't be anything less than US$10 million dollars or what do you think.

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