Coming to Nigeria for Christmas 2016 - A Guide for Holiday Makers

Stepping out of Muriala Mohammed International Airport, especially if this is your first time here in Nigeria, you will feel this unusual warm breeze that clutters from the shimmering sun, which immediately  welcomes you and as well arouse your curiosity.

 Sure it isn't winter and you will not be seeing the snow falling. I guess it'll not feel like Christmas... The white Christmas you are used to in Europe or America... I guess most part of the world. But it is different here in West Africa.

This is the reason spending Christmas holiday in Nigeria is so beautiful and most enjoying. While the cold and snow drive people indoors in Europe... I guess in Bethlehem were Jesus was born over two thousand years ago... Here in Nigeria is a different weather called the Hamattan Season... something close to summer.

Cold at night and in the morning hours, with a lot of windfall like a mild tornado scatter dusts on the roads... the trees and flowers turn blownish and dry... many of the leaves fall off the tree and litter the streets.

In the Afternoon you can put away those heavy sweaters and dress light. You can go to the beaches and be part of the outdoor extravaganza... Carnivals and cultural festivals that comes with Christmas in this part of the world. Get ready for a wao experience this 2016 edition.

Do not mind the media reports, bomb has never exploded in Lagos before and you will never find Boko Haram or Militants in Western Nigeria. The only thing that might be hectic is perhaps the road traffic. More people get into Lagos, especially from abroad at this yuletide period and the government is doing a lot of road contructions, which I am not sure they will complete at this time.

There are alternative transportation mode though, and you can travel by airplane, ship or even locomotive train... It will be quite an experience, but you won't want to miss all the road fun during the exodus.

Christmas doesn't happen everywhere in Nigeria. Most cities in the North and Western Nigeria run almost like ghost towns during the tick of Christmas. There is a great movement of the people towards the East and southern part of Nigeria where Christmas boom.

Although, Bright Chibuzor, a tourism analyst, have predicted that Christmas exodus this year will be mild, because of the economic recession in the country, people cannot simply afford the huge expenses that follow such travels.

Christmas starts in Lagos late November with a lot of people coming into the city, especially from abroad... and marmount crowd of holiday makers shopping at major malls and open markets like the Balogun, Tediosho, Daleko, Mile12, Otto Warf, Idi Oro markets..

The beaches gets busy day and night everyday... but more entertaining during the weekends with musical shows here and there. Although, some of these shows are yet to advertise as at the time of writing, but you just have to put  your ears to the ground or do I rather say "your ears on air."

Wao! You would not want to miss Copa Lagos, one of the best beach soccer tournament in the world... It is more than just a soccer show. I personally recommend it for you, whether you are a sports fan or not, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience going to the event this year.

Nigeria is hosting CAF Beach Soccer tournament and Copa Lagos have a lot  of international teams participating this year... Meet legends of African football in a carnival mood and a chance to snap photo with your favorite stars. At the Eko Atlantic beach... 8 - 15 December. It's going to be a double header this time around.

Are you a lover of gospel music? Gospel stars around the world and Nigeria will gather at the now popular gospel extravaganza called "The Experience!" at the Tafawa Belewa Square Lagos, on Friday December 2. Billed to perform at this year’s edition includes, Don Moen, Frank Edwards, Travis Greene, Tope Alabi,  Micah Stampley, Cece Winans and Donnie Mcclurkin. Others are  Gabriel Eziaschi, Eno Michaels, Chioma Jesus, Nwando, Tim Godfrey, Midnight Crew, Smokey Norful  and Samsong.

You should also plan to attend the most amazing Christmas Carol Service at the loveworld Convocation Arena, Billings Way Ikeja Lagos. Saturday December 24. with your host Pastor Chris Oyakhlome.

As the weeks draw near, we may have to update this post to give you more accurate information on events lined up this Christmas. So you may need to refer to this post again and again.

By December 18, the exodus will begin and traffic will move from Lagos to Ore - Benin road...
and if you want to be part of the "Christmas on wheel,"  then plan to travel with public transport. I recommend ABC transport, Chisco, Evergreen or perhaps, Young Shall Grow... their luxury buses deliver first class services for choice passengers.

The roads  are relatively safe as government deploy lots of security men - police, Army, Customs, civil Defense and Emergency Rapid response corps - on the roads. Federal Road Safety Corps will be on hand to control vehicles and minimize both reckless driving anf fatal accidents on the road.

Depending on where you're going, the journey last for several hours and even run into a whole day for people traveling as far as Owerri, Port Harcourt, Uyo or Calabar. You got to be ready for the journey.

Well, if you can afford it and don't want to take the stress of long travels, then you may opt for airplane. You have to book on time, so you and your entourage can find available seats on your chosen date. These days, you can book online from wherever you are. For ABC transport the fare doesn't change....   but for the other buses and airplanes,  the law of demand and supply come to play.

Down the hinterlands, there are several village and town festivals...masquerades and other cultural entertainments. More rampant now, are Christmas football tournaments organized by youths to keep their village alive althrough the period.

 But you wouldn't want to miss Calabar Christmas carnival, it has gone real international these days. There are very good hotels in the City.... Calabar is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. You will really enjoy your stay there.

Of course, a lot of tourists attractions down south... while in Cross River visitTinapa and Obudu Cattle Ranch... traveling back to Oron greensprings, King Jaja Opopo park in Port Harcourt, Monkey Village in Ovim Imo State, the water fall at Udi hills... You cannot really exhaust all the tourists centers.

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As I said before, take with you predominantly light cloths - jeans and slacks. You may also come with few of your fashionable dresses, if you don't plan to sew "asheybi." There will be a lot of traditional marriages and Christian weddings, house warming... going on and you may be invited.

Have a memorable Christmas holiday in Nigeria . If you need any more information or help, you can call us: +234 809 877 2556.

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