The Best Way to Get NPFL Real-time Updates and Breaking News [Inside Stories too]

Maybe you haven't discovered this. Maybe you are still relying on Nigeria Sports newspapers to get updates of Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

It is unfortunate to say, but Nigerian mainstream media hardly report NPFL news. You can't feel the passion or follow the fascinating intrigues of the league by depending on our local media.

The truth is Nigeria media report English Premier League and other major European leagues.

Euro football makes all the headlines and is covered more extensively than the local leagues.

The funny thing is this:  in most cases international media like BBC, CNN, ESPN or Sky Sports, are the ones that will first break news of incidence that happened here in Nigeria before the local media.

Thank God for the social media that has handed the power to individuals and organizations to publish their own news... Today, both LMC and most NPFL clubs are creating and breaking their own news real time on twitter.

Yes, Twitter!

Most Nigerian clubs now connect their website or blog as well as their Youtube channels with their Twitter account... and are posting text, audio and video messages real time. So you can be the first to know the inside stories and breaking news even before the press.

Follow LMC and NPFL clubs on Twitter: Take this moment after reading this article to upgrade.

 Search LMC and all the NPFL clubs on Twitter and start following. That's if you already have a Twitter Account.  Otherwise sign up on Twitter immediately.  Do not forget to activate notifications for each of the clubs, so that anytime any one of them tweets, your device immediately prompts you to go and see it.

There's no better place now to feel the passion and fascinating intrigues of NPFL than Twitter

These are some of the things we have been hammering on CheerOnNigeria blog before now... how the social media will help boost NPFL followership.

We are so happy it is happening today. We observed that this Twitter revolution kicked off earnestly this 2016 season... and we hope to see astronomical growth in NPFL followership online in 2017.

One other social media platform that can help accelerate this eminent growth of NPFL in 2017 is the Snapchat.

Yes, Snapchat!

I am also recommending to both NPFL clubs and fans to create account immediately on Snapchat and start experimenting how to use it for real time football events

. You need to see the Snap story one of our fan Kevin Essien posted on Snapchat... real time videos on proceeding at Godswill Akpabio Stadium Akwa Ibom in the match between Super Eagles and Desert foxes. Very captivating I must tell you.

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