This Is What I Do Daily to Win Football Fans and Influence Young People in Nigeria

It is easy to Win fans and to influence people around you. More than words can say, people are wicked... They are often than not finding a way to use you for their selfish reasons... They want to make money out of you and dump you when you are no longer relevant to them... such eagle lifestyle and capitalistic thinkimg make people stay away from you.

The key to winning loyal fans and influencing people around you is selflessness. Once any person ever perceived that you are sincerely working to benefit him or her... You're going the extra mile to help them come out of their struggles (challenges and weaknesses) ; providing the right solutions to satisfying their needs and wants... you have won the person big time and can influence him or her to think and act in a certain way, especially when you have become a role model to them.

This Is What I Do Daily to Win Football Fans And Influence Young People in Nigeria

Blogging for me isn't about the money first, it's about influencing people and helping my audience  find solutions to their needs and wants, so they can live a more fulfilling and happier life.

I found a niche in football not because it is lucrative money wise, but because it is an area I have a lot of competence and I believe I can really deliver value... as well as use it as a vehicle to influence people for good... especially the upcoming generation.

I established GreenHunters Sports International for this purpose...
 "we're not just playing games, we are building lives."

Here in Nigeria where I live, football is first love... the sport has a far reaching influence in the life of the people in this largest black country of the world.

Let me blow your mind a little....

  • A country with a population of about 170 million people, about 80 million of them are active football consumers.
  • About 30 million of the youth aspires to jump start a professional football career, especially in Europe.

  • Football have been said to be the only sport that bind together the unity of this largely divergent multi tribal country.

  • Football doesn't only get attention of the people, their devotion towards the sport suppasses that of religion fanaticism in the country.

So that's why for me, it is a great vehicle to convey the message of life... You can be sure to get the maximum attention  of the people... It is also a great tool to influence their lives.

I came from a football background... My father was a top footballer in the 60s.' All my brothers played football at their prime age, some got up to the national team level.

 For me, I played, owned a club, coached and managed a team... So I devoted most of my life in the industry...and invested a lot too. At the end, I went on to study Sport Marketing and Management.. I have done a lot of academic research in this work of life.

So I can beat my chest to say I fully understand the dynamics in this field of life... My vision is to touch lives, fulfill dreams and make the people of the world happier through football possibilities. I see myself as a game changer and I am here to revolutionize the way football business is perceived and done in Nigeria.

This is the Way I Win Fans and Influence Young People Daily

1. Listen to their inquiries and complaints:
I’ve learned the importance of listening to what my visitors and fans are pain pointing and what they are struggling with... I do this by aggregating the Frequently asked questions or inquiries... What their objections and complaints are...

I also ask my blog visitors I engage on chat or phone, to tell me what their major challenges are.

This strategy has helped me a lot in generating blog posts that answer their questions, and create products and services that satisfy their needs and wants.

The bottom line is football fans are seeking for motivating factors that will continually inspire their passion for the game... And young players are seeking for avenue to improve their game... and opportunity to be recruited  into a club as a professional or semi -pro player... to start earning money or to gain scholarship admission  to further their education.

2. Market Research and Intelligence 
After brainstorming on fans questions and objections, I go into extensive research to come up with solutions. Most times they are fragmented information scattered online and I have to compile them into one valuable document.

Some may even require primary research and I have to send out questionnaires and conduct online/ offline surveys...then I analyse the data received and document a kind of whitepaper  or communique in form of a blog post or eBook.

In the process, I could discover the right products or services offered by other organizations.... I verify the genuineness and authenticity before I can link my clients (fans, players and otherwise) to use the product.

My objective is to make the football industry more intelligible so that consumers (fans) can find the right solutions or at least find enough information that can help them make the right choices and decisions, especially of how they need to invest their time  and money.

3. Offer live Chat/ phone Consultation 
Our blog posts usually attract lot of leads... On a daily basis I engage an average of 20 - 30 unique visitors on live chat or phone calls. I know of course these football consumers will need more information and counsel from us... It is an opportunity to win them over as loyal customers.

I found out that most young footballers hardly have adequate knowledge... they need career guidance  and counseling, they need education on how the business of football works. Fans need some kind of formula for things like sport betting, fantasy football and eSports...

So I offer consultation to these visitors... provide them education, product reviews and recommendations... through consultative selling I build Trust, and develop relationships.

There are others things we do, which are not necessarily a daily routine, but they are part of our strategy to Win fans and influence young people - QuarterlyTraining camps, our SuperStar FC forum on Facebook messenger  and What'sApp; our other publications such as eBook anf Newsletters, our facebook fanpsge posts and engagements....

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