How to Become A Rich and Powerful Global Football Personality

Your network determines how rich and powerful you can become in the global sports business terrain. You may have read many books and journals on how you can get into football business.

Theoretically, most of these body of knowledge are significant and you should at least bear them in mind. But practically I will want to reveal to you what works.

In our course on personal branding we take time to show our students how they can covert a positive brand image online that will from time to time attract business proposals to them.

I personally recommend that you take the 4 weeks course: "Personal Branding for Business Success." You'll surely learn things that will accelerate your business growth immediately.

To become successful and powerful isn't a mystery. They say birds of the same feathers flock together... that means the rich and powerful football personalities mingle together.

But there's another interputive adage that says birds that flock together develop the same feathers... that means a chicken that flock with eaglets have no choice but to learn how to fly and soar high in the sky.

The Point I'm trying to make is this...the best way to be connected to some high class networks with powerful football personalities around the globe is to attend the events and conferences they also attend.

...Be in those cocktail parties and business networking  meetings. Meet your business like minds and take the evening explaining your vision and the football opportunities available in Africa, particularly in Nigeria.

You can't att
end two or three of these kind of conferences and remain the same.... For being in those meeting alone has given you chance such that if you don't even have an attractive business proposal to offer,  someone else may propose that you become affiliate or representative to their own organization or project.

I discovered this secret after I attended Soccerex Conference here in Lagos in 2013 at the Eko Atlantic hotel. In this particular conference was where I got my three trusted connections that gave my business a real global outlook today.

Yes, through my executive branding online I have connected to some folks out there and did some minimal projects with them...

One of the challenges is that most connections you make online, are initially very suspicions, sometimes it may cost you the business and such relationships. But people you meet in top class conferences or exhibitions are likely to trust you more after different hang outs opportunity to assess what both side can deliver.

Apart from conferences, also make plans to attend global football tournaments like Fifa World Cup, the Olympics, AFCON, UEFA Champions league finals... and look out for avenues to network. When you go to the stadium, sit at the VIP stand where you may likely find opportunities to expand your business reach.

Top class conference and football tournament can be expensive, but you must learn how to expend funds to make more money.

There is this very affordable Sport marketing round table taking place at the Sports pavilion Digital Institute Oshodi Lagos by Cappa bus stop; on December 4 - 6, 2016. You can choose to attend as executive participant or a Guest Speaker in any of the session.

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