34 Brands that May Be Interested in Sponsoring Your Football Events in Nigeria - Approach them Now!

Looking for Sponsor? Check out these 35 Brands that may be interested in sponsoring your football program event...

Do your research! Don't waste your time sending Sponsorship proposal to every Dick and Harry you find on the Yellow Pages, as most people do... It doesn't work that way.

Indeed, I find it ridiculous that some event organizers send the same Sponsorship proposal to several companies. The fact is, these companies are likely to notice such unconvincing (general document) and will just dump it aside.

Customizing Sponsorship proposal can take time and a whole lot of mental as well as physical energy. You don't want to go through such exhaustive exercise all for nothing.

Before you even start customizing a Sponsorship Proposal, you have to be sure the company's brand possess these three attributes:

  • First, it has history of Sponsorship, which means sponsoring events is part of the brand's promotional strategy.
  • Second, the brand has football fans as a significant part of the market it wants to reach through Sponsorship.

  • Third, your football event is compatible with the brand's market position and reputation... that will make it irresistible for them not to say NO to your program event.

One thing you must realize is this, no company set aside money just waiting to give to anyone that  shows up with a football program event asking for sponsorship... You must go the extra mile to convince them to do so.

Here, I'll avail you with my experience, which is priceless really.
My years of working with a Sport Marketing agency, GreenHunters Sports International... and consulting with several organizations in the matter of Sponsorship, has given me some insight on how these things work here in Nigeria.

 I can rightly  point at some brands and tell you they're most likely to be interested in sponsoring your football program event now. And if you follow my counsel you are likely to get one or two of them to partner with the event.  Let me categorize 34 of these brands according to their industry:

  • Sport Betting is somehow a part of the football industry and over 98% of sport betting consumers are actually football fans. Every sport betting brand that has the financial capability will be interested to sponsor a football program event. 

Out there in Europe, bwin paid $329 million dollars for the Sponsorship of Real Madrid shirts. Here in Nigeria NairaBet closed a Shirt Sponsorship deal with 3sc and 1960Bet has an associate Sponsorship deal with Copa Lagos Beach Soccer tournament.  These following sports betting brands may be interested in sponsoring your football program event.
1. NairaBet 
2. Merrybet
3. WGB
4. BestBet
5. 1960Bet

  • Beer Industry: They say beer and football game goes together. Most beer brands target their promotional messages to football fans. Star legar beer recently closed an associate Sponsorship deal with NPFL and several European top flight clubs. Guinness Stout has severally partnered with the national team - Super Eagles, during major competitions.

We can also remember Harps' ridiculous Shirt Sponsorship deal with six NPFL clubs in 2014. The following beer brands are likely to be interested in sponsoring your football program event.
6. Guinness Stout/ Harp
7. Gulder/ Star
8. Trophy
9. 33 Legar

  • Telecommunications is another industry akin to use football sponsorship strategies to reach the general public, considering the popularity of the sport in Nigeria. Both MTN and Glo had in the past sponsored Npfl. MTN own a 5-A-Side Street Football tournament...

While, Airtel are into grassroots talent hunts in Africa. The four major telecommunication brands in Nigeria are likely to be interested in sponsoring another football program events that  are compatible with their brand positioning in the market.
10. Glo
11. MTN
12. Airtel
13. Etisalat

  • Banking Industry strategies to reach the general public through their favorite sport, football. Zenith bank has in recent past partnered with Nigeria Football Federation, undertaken to pay the remunerations of Super Eagles head coach. 

GTBank went into school sports to become the exclusive sponsors of the renowned Principal Cup in Lagos and Ogun state. FCMB took up headline sponsorship with Copa Lagos Beach Soccer. The following banks are likely to be interested in football sponsorship, especially at the grassroots level.
14. FCMB
15. Diamond
16. Zenth
17. GTBank

  • Airline Industry are also taking advantage of the large followership that football attracts globally. Qatar Airway closed Shirt Sponsorship with FCBarcelona. Emirate Air title sponsorship of Arsenal Stadium, and Real Madrid shirts; Ethiad Air shirt Sponsorship with Manchester City... are some of the popular airline brands that sponsor football globally.

There are rumors thatAzman Air may soon close shirt sponsorship deal with Kano Pillars. The following airline may also be interested in sponsoring your football program events.
18. Arik Air
19. Azman Air

  • Road Transportation industry: Although, many analysts would say road transportation companies doesn't have the financial capacity to run a football sponsorship deals. But rumors has it that ABC transport may soon close a Shirt Sponsorship deal with Heartland fc. You can approach any of these two top flight road transportation brands to sponsor your football program event:
20. ABC 
21. Chisco Landline

  • Soft Drinks Industry is another core industry that uses association with football to promote their brands to the general public. 

Pepsi exclusively own one of the top football academies in Nigeria. Pepsi is also an associate sponsor of Copa Lagos Beach Soccer. Coca cola run its own grassroots talent Hunt football program Copa Coca Cola. These following Soft Drink Brands are likely to be interested in sponsoring your football program event:
22. Pepsi
23. Coca cola
24. Chivita
25. Lucozade

  • Food Drink Industry uses football popularity and activeness to reach it's target market, which is Kids. Milo "food drink for future champions" bypass has sustained the Nestle brand association with kiddies sports activities... Had previously sponsored Inter House sports competitions, and kiddies football training camp with Peter Rufai. The following food drink brand will likely be interested in sponsoring your kiddies football program event:
26 Milo
27. Cowbell
28. Bournvita

  • Milk industry is similar to the food drink industry that promote kiddies activeness through their popular sport football. Jargo milk current TV advertisement showcased jargo association with football. The following brand in the milk industry are likely to be interested in sponsoring your kiddies football program event.
29. Peak
30. Three Crown
31. Jargo
32. Hollandia

Pay per View Cable TV Industry broadcasting football has been a major source of revenue and profits for this industry. They promote their decoder more with football highlights like the Premier league...

GOtv closed a shirt sponsorship deal with Ikorodu United. The following Pay per view brands may be Interested in sponsoring your football program event.
33. DStv/GOtv
34. StarTimes

In case your event organizing committee need further consultation and support in this matter of sponsorship,  you may want to engage us at GreenHunters Sports International for an affordable fee. Call: +234 809 877 2556  or email: gh.sports1@gmail.com.

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