How Sponsored Reviews On CheerOnNigeria Became A Big Cash Cow - We Share With Our Clients

Before I go on to unveil the Big Cash Cow, let me be sure everyone is following me...

A sponsored review (or Sponsored post as some may call it), is when a blogger is paid for posting the review of goods, services, events or even personalities related to his or her blog's niche...and interesting to the blog audience.

In order to be paid for a review, either the blogger reaches out to a potential advertiser who might be interested in buying a review on his blog, or the sponsor contacts the blogger directly, asking him to review a product in a sponsored post.

For us in CheerOnNigeria, reaching out to advertisers may be something we'll consider it's  rate of success in the near future.. The truth is, almost all the sponsored post we did on this blog came from the advertisers  or sponsors contacting us first. Maybe, we could make more money...and need to be more aggressive in our marketing approach for sponsored reviews.

How Much Can We Really Make from Sponsored Reviews?
Very often we review quality football products and recommend them to our audience on this blog... We started reviews as part of our obligations to provide football solutions to our audience... and we made no money from it at the early stage.

Sponsored Reviews are mutual beneficial blog post really.

CheerOnNigeria started making money from SPONSORED REVIEWS when it gained reputation as an AUTHORITY BLOG providing in-depth football information, education and reviews that its global audience can trust...

What happened is this...
Products reviewed on this blog made a lot of sales from referrals... and the word of mouth went out to brand managers and advertisers...who were now eager to pay as much  to also get their own products reviewed.

In 2013, we reviewed Soccerex football executive conference in Lagos ..... that was probably our first... and eight executives attended the conference they paid £489 each at Eko Atlantic Hotel...

We got to know about the success of our referrals through the thank you mail we received from Soccerex. We were not paid Money but Soccerex in it's reciprocal gestures, sent us documents and resources worth a thousands dollar

Another remarkable success and probably one of our first paid sponsored post ...was the review of 1960Bet, an online sports betting product.

 We were paid $250... and for that pantery sum, a total of 34 investors became 1960Bet agents...and over a thousand stakers opened account with them through our referrals.

The "Sponsored Review Cash Cow" began to produce real money when we struck a deal with Total Soccer Method (TSM). The Netherlands based football training organization seeking franchisees in Africa, paid us $500 for their product review... and we also earn another $1000 commission for successful  referral that led to TSM franchise in Kenya.

Since then, we have done paid reviews for Adidas,, StarTimes, Bet365, Owu Sportswears,  Perfect Sportswear Dubai, Alibaba China, FootballCV UK, Sports Management WorldWide (SMWW) UK... to mention a few.

The Results and Responses...
Our joy is this, most of our SPONSORED REVIEWS have been beneficial to all parties...

  • Most importantly, our audience find the reviews satisfactory football solutions to their needs and wants. Of course, we do not review every product potential sponsors present to us. If we aren't  sure of the genuineness of the product, then we don't post it on CheerOnNigeria... We are always careful of our blog reputation.

  • For the Sponsors, those reviews, especially the EVERGREEN POSTS have turned out to become a big cash cow driving sales online day and night EVERYDAY. As long as CheerOnNigeria blog continue to exist, the sponsored reviews will continue to pull referrals and sales, except the product goes obsolete.

If your target audience are football consumers, especially in Nigeria... And you are interested in Reviewing  your products or program events to our active audience, Call: +234 809 877 2556 or Email: for further discussion and probably, negotiations.

  • We're currently making a little over $1000 per month. But we also know that CheerOnNigeria blog is still at the awareness stage of it's growth... As long as we continue to improve on our reviews and make it even more valuable for our audience and sponsors... 

  • We're sure CheerOnNigeria will soon get to a point where advertisers will only Prefer or Insist that their reviews appear on this blog only, as a Sponsored Post..

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