My Little Christmas Story... An Incredible Message to all our Fans andVisitors Around World

I grew up with a very large family and nobody would dare miss Christmas at our family house right there in Egbu Owerri.

My mother would cook for days getting ready for it, and we would travel all the way from Lagos (about 30,775 km away) to Owerri. I and my own nuclear family of four... to reunite with our ever increasing extended family, which also traveled from everywhere around the world for the yearly celebration.

The house would be filled with so many wonderful aromas... it was overwhelming. bread, sardin and beverages for breakfast.... stuffing, fried chicken, fish, fried plantain chips, goat meat pepper soup...I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it.

She would create her Christmas special... White rice and stew with local live chicken slaughtered and specially prepared... giving this unique taste that bring back memories of the good old days... nostalgia of Christmas in the 80s.'

Friends and well wishers start visiting as soon as the cock crow.. even before you awake from sleep... and the tapper drops fresh palmwine at our doorstep... celebration begins immediately even before you care to brush your teeth you are served with garden eggs, colanuts and pepperish groundnut paste...

And stories of our accomplishments out there at the city like an annual report... and a look back of years before to see ahead, what the new year will bring...with jokes and laughter renting the air at interval...soon more visitors arrive.

Each year I asked my mother what she wanted for Christmas, and she always gave me that smile and answer.

*  I so cherish the coming together of our family to share love
*  Good times with our family friends making new memories
*  For us all to have lived in health  just one more year, I thank God
*  Peace of mind to know the future hold the best for us.

None of those things could be bought with MONEY, and as a young man I couldn't understand why she didn’t want more MATERIAL  things.

I certainly did.

I would create a long wishlist of all I wanted next year
How to improve my finances... Improve my business and new investment opportunities
The new car I wish to buy, the new mansion I need to build, summer holiday in Bahamas...
I really wanted to attain FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

And often than not these things weigh down on my health. I'm waiting on results from my blood test last week, I hope it isn't high blood pressure or diabietics

Now I have matured, I still reflect on my mother's wisdom and appreciate it more and more.

My advice for good times is to know that any day could be your last.
Make the most of every moment.
Overlook the little things and tell someone you love him or her today. I guarantee it will make somebody's day.

This is how to have a good day... 
Think of who else you are going to reach...and go out of your way to share love. The love of Christ, which is the essence of Christmas, that's what makes a great day.

Help someone understand why Jesus came... and the Good news he brought to mankind.
It's never about what you own, it's about the love you give and receive in return that counts after all.

You have to live every day with happiness, joy and a passion for life. Be truly thankful for what you have.

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