2016 AWCON Finals Vs El Classico - The Double Header Got Nigerian Fans Flipping Over Two Channels (What Are the Business Implications)?

2016 AWCON finals, the match between Super Falcons of Nigeria Vs Lionness of Cameroon in Yaounde happened to be broadcasted live on tv almost at the same time with the El Classico, the match between Barcelona Vs Real Madrid. We went out to find out how fans in Nigeria fared with the double header and what are the likely Business implications.

From our finding most fans watch both match on SuperSports. While AWCON match began first by 4pm Gmt+  and was aired live at SuperSports Channel 6 (SS6); while El Classico kicked off by 5pm on SS1. Speaking to Emmanuel Abbey, a fan from Port Harcourt, who watched the double header at home with his family and friends, he said.

"Normally, I won't have shown such interest on Awcon finals, but because El Classico was going to be on an hour later, I and my friends were up early to see Awcon first half while getting ready for the big game."

"But we saw ourselves flipping over to SS6 to basically find out the Awcon score while majorly watching El Classico. And when Falcons were a goal up, we started flipping over more frequently eager to see our girls through, to finally win the trophy." Abbey narrated.

"It was a bit distruptive, as we were not fully concentrating at the first half of the Classico; but once Awcon was over, we got into it fully at second half."

"There was another part to it" Abbey went on. My parents and sisters were more interested on Awcon... but could not prevail over I and my friends, because football wasn't really their thing. But we had to consider them, since there was only one tv set in the house... This was one of the reasons we were flipping over channels more frequently." Abbey further ecplained. "It was fun all together ."

Looking at the business implications, Karseem Usman, the owner/Manager of  "O Arena" viewing center in Mushin Lagos, have this to say.
"Double header means fans will be watching two matches with the price of one ticket. but AWCON finals isn't a match that will attract comsiderable customers to run say generator set for electricity supply for two hours...so most viewing centers wouldn't even open for business because of Awcon alone." Usman explained.

"Overall, the viewers where much more. The O Arena filled to capacity with over 5000 customers and we had to stop selling ticket for lack of space."

"In our case in the center, we have six big screen showing the two matches. Three showing Awcon and the other three showing El Classico. So fans have to flip their eyes over two screen or more to keep up with the two games."

"Though, we ran generator for over two and half hours, but it was good for business all together. We had more customers than the normal weekends. What happened was viewers had to turn up early to see Awcon first half before the Classico kicked off by 5pm...and we had to oblige them by openning up early too. Usman further explained.

I think most people in Nigeria tunned up to both matches on SuperSports on DStv. Awcon on SS6, while Classico on SS1. SuperSports held the attention of over 70 million Nigerians for two and half hours that Sunday. It was really phenomenal.

No matter how anyone may rate Awcon, it also had its own exclusive fans who wouldn't go to a viewing center just to see El Classico. Although, El Classico attracted most of the viewing crowd on that day, Awcon also contributed its on quota to the entire phenomenal increase in SuperSports viewership that Sunday.

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