2017: Make Brisk Money Investing on NPFL Club's Merchandize Business this New Year - Get Tips Here!

Did you know that Kano Pillars' replica jerseys sell like wild fire in Kano? Traders, herdsmen and even civil servants wear the Jersey both for business, office and casual wear.

In 2016 NPFL final match between Rangers International and El Kanemi at the Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium Enugu, fans almost went on their knees begging to purchase Rangers replica jerseys. The only 10,000 pieces available was sold out before 11am for a match slated to commence by 4pm.

More than 30, 000 fans had to resort to purchasing White round neck singlets as alternatives... that's a huge loss of sales and revenues, because the club's marketing team were not thinking like millionaires.

We congratulate Owu for opening their first outlet at Ojuelegba Surulere Lagos. They are the first indigenous sportswear company sponsoring Enyimba, 3sc... The company should be more proactive in distributing these merchandise at match venues... Let it be always available at sports shops in and around the home stadiums of their sponsored clubs.

Owu Sportswear should also be looking at expanding their sponsorship to NPFL clubs that has large fan base... Clubs like Enugu Rangers, Kano Pillars and perhaps, Rivers United.

Of course, apart from Owu Sportswear, other company or individual businessmen should go into this line of business... Obtain license from clubs and LMC as the case may be... to supply NPFL clubs' merchandise into the market. They can seek for cheap outsourcing of the jerseys from China, Indonesia or Bangladesh manufacturers.

The rule of thumb for merchandising business is to stock products of top performing clubs in the current season. They are likely to sell more of such merchandise. So investors should watch the ongoing league for awhile to determine the performing clubs before they can go ahead to produce and start distributing for sales.

The quality of the replica jerseys also matters. Investors may decide to target the variety of spectators and make available different qualities... One set higher quality for the VIP and then, for what you might call the popular side spectators.

Replica jerseys of top NPFl clubs...3sc, Rangers, Kano Pillars and Eyinmba can compete favorably with top european clubs jerseys. Very active fans may even decide to buy a Chelsea jersey for instance, and 3Sc jersey (representing his favorite foreign and local club).

With the increasing popularity of NPFL, businessmen should start thinking like millionaires. The first few investors that gets into this line of business in 2017 are going to make brisk money. The market is there... Nigeria has over 50 million active football consumers. You maybe shocked that young aspiring players may prefer buying local clubs merchandise for training.

Of course, many individuals has some serious affinity and sentiments with their city club... and would like to identify with them through the purchasing of their merchandise.

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