Meet Tosyn Bucknor And Learn the Easy Way the Manchester United Fan Makes Cool Cash on Google+

 Tosyn Bucknor makes at least $500 (equivalent to N200, 000+ each month) in such an easy way on Google+, I think you too can do it, it's a no brainer really.  She just post interesting contents and grew her followers almost half a million... that's all!

This isn't new, but it's just you haven't taken it seriously. You can work a little hard on this project of posting contents and growing followers if you understand how valuable it matters in today's world.

 It could give you the edge for that job or contract you are bidding for.

Take for instance, Paul Pogba is certainly not the best player in the world, but he got £90 million transfer record deal with Manchester United not because of his footballing ability alone, but because of his X-factor reputation and his over a million followers on the Social media.

But you don't have be a football star like Paul Pogba, to have thousands of people in your circle on Google+ or any other social media for that matter. Tosyn is certainly not. She is just a smart Manchester United fan.

Every individual can become a media house. Or better put, every individual can make money like any other media organization you know globally. The question is, how does media organizations make money?

Media organizations sell interesting contents to some target audiences and attract advertisements through the size of their reach. An advertiser look at the number of people that a media organization can  reach as well as the demographics... and that attracts them to pay a huge amount of money to advertise on that media platform.

Now, it doesn't matter whether it is a media organization or an individual, what matters is the size of the reach. Your followers on the social media is actually your reach... that's why you need to get more people to follow you on Google+.

Of course, you attract followers through your strategic activities on the platform. Interesting contents you share and how you reach out to people, persuading them to join your circle.

Tosyn Bucknor aka "The Voice of Lagos" and the "Areaaaa Boss" is a radio presenter at Top Radio 90.9fm, who has actually worked hard to get 473,833 followers, from 28, 567 209 pageviews of her contents on Google+... as at the time of this publication.

When I talk of content, don't think about some real research and academic write ups. NO! Tosyn share predominantly photographs and short videos of her daily escapade... Her meeting with Manchester players at the airport, her round up with King Sunny Ade, Red Carpets on film premieres, new cloths she tried on...such things.

She share contents of her personal interest, ranging from football, music, fashion, home videos, celebrities round ups. She has also been good on products, events promotions as well as reviews... So advertisers have no choice but to seek her out to help advertise their brand.

This now she make cool 200k each month aside from her salary as a radio presenter. Well, I think you too should set out a plan on how to grow your followers on any of the social media, and start making passive income too... but I think it is easier with Google+

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