Athletic Wonder: An Incredible High Performance App on Your Smartphone – Be the First to Own It!

Grant Hayes, Neuron performance specialist is conducting a MARKET TEST for his New App and would want to know if athlete like you would want to have this Machine for your personal or team training and development.

“We will be releasing the App in the next 10 days or so, we are just finalizing some details in preparation for our launch.” Hayes announced.

There is nothing else like this in the market.

  • Any machines that train reactions and speed are pretty large and only train ONE aspect. They are also in the range of tens of thousands of dollars, and are complicated to use and track data.

  • Being the First App that allows athletes to track their progress and graph their results. This allows athletes and coaches to see specifically where improvements are being made and where performance may be lacking.

  • The App is the only of its kind that allows athletes to train the right and left sides of the body separately in terms of speed and reactions. This is vital to athletic performance as it is training and testing both sides of the brain separately.

  •  The App is the only of its kind that allows athletes to actively train their peripheral vision, on the go using only their phone.

  • Overall athletes are able to improve visual fields, processing and recall, reactions and speed, just to name a few.

  • The App is designed to train and improve these areas at the Brain level, where all the action happens. This means they do not need large equipment or lights or even big movements. They are simply targeting the pathways in the brain that they need to.

App Test Result
My athletes and clients had massive results and improvements in overall performance when they began working with me, not to mention the successful rehabilitation of old and reoccurring injuries. 

Neuro Performance is about to explode into the athletic world. I designed the App to give the power back to athletes and coaches, allowing them access to Neuron performance, anytime, anywhere and with limited time commitments.

What Do You Think?
If you want the App or have any questions or need more information on how the App works, please let Hayes know by. Commenting in the box below and probably type your email Id, so he can inbox you more information, especially, the exact date for the release within the next week… He will be happy to keep you in the loop

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