10 Highly Profitable Football Business ideas Yet to be Explored in Nigeria

Online Sports Betting has been an age long business in UK and the rest of Europe. But few years ago, Akin Alabi decided to invest and introduce the business here in Nigeria.

The result was such a distruptive success... Football fans quickly embraced Sports betting and today is probably the most popular business in the country. Alabi, founder and CEO of Naira Bet brand became not just a billionnaire, but he turned over a thousand Naira Bet Agents into millionaires themselves...and empower hundreds of thousand youths,  make money through staking online each week.

Sports betting is just one of those highly profitable sports business. If you are searching for yet other football business ideas that are yet to be explored here in Nigeria, which probably could produce another distruptive success and make you a billionaire in a short while. then, take seriously these 10 highly profitable football ideas I shared here.

1. Football Business School: it runs into millions of young Nigerians who would love to work in the football industry, but lack of institutions offering specialized courses like Sport Marketing, Player's management and agency, Scouting, Team management and football administration...

You can take a clue from Sport Management World Wide www.smww.com. And franchise or transfer their business model into your own football institution here in Nigeria.

2. Football Records and Statistic (Big Data Mining): One of the challenges of the Nigerian football industry is lack adequate data..record and Statistics needed for decision making and in development of the industry here in Nigeria.

Big data development and mining is gaining a lot of grounds in Europe and America. You can be the first to invest in records and statistics outfit that we cover african tournaments. Of course, you can take a clue from Opta www.opta.com. But we all know Opta doesn't cover CAF or NPFL. That lack is a great opportunity you can fill and make a lot of money.

3. Stadium Management: Government parastatals has never been good managers of properties. That is why a lot of stadiums Nigeria often get dilapidated from lack of use and maintenance. You can start a stadium management outfit to save great structures like Former national stadium Surulere Lagos, National Stadium Abuja, Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna to mention a few.

You can take a clue from SMSA managers of FNB Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa.

4. Kiddies Holiday Football Camp: During major holidays in America and Europe, parents seek for places like kiddies football holiday camp, where their kids can train as well as have funIt could be a hot business in most urban areas where seek such programs for their wards.

There is the Nike Kiddies Holiday Soccer Camp in USA; you can find out more about the business model and how it can be apply here in Nigeria.

5. Football Trial Camp: millions of young Nigerian players are seeking for opportunities to be recruited into clubs at home or abroad. Trial camp is design to prepare the players and offer them opportunity to play in front of Scouts and Agents.

This is another hot business you can invest in and start rakeing in millions of Naira or Dollars here in Nigeria. Take a clue from FootballCV www.footballcv.com

6. Football Conference/ Seminar: People working in the football industry in Nigeria require forum to continuously upgrade themselves as well as refresh what they have learn in past. The playing field is chamging rapidly and the the game is being is upgraded even more regularly.

You can establish an outfit that organize as well as facilitate these seminar and conferences in Nigeria. Instead of our officials and sports business always travelling abroad to attend seminars and.conferences. You can draw inspiration from the busoness model of Soccerex www.soccerex.net

7. Live Fantasy Football lederboard: live fantasy football is like another form of Sports betting. In this case, instead of staking on the odd, you are to become a manager of your own team selection. Your ability to select a combination of players from both teams that will have the highest cumulative performance result on the lederboard makes you a winner.

Everyone stake a certain amount of money to join a lederboard and at the end of the live match, the winners on each lederboard get paid out a certain amount of money based on the number of people that stake and participated on that lederboard.

Live fantasy football has the potential to over take the popularity of Sports betting. While Sports betting depend more on luck, fans believe that live fantasy football depend more  on your current knowledge of the individual clubs.

Be the first to invest on these potentially distructive gaming in Nigeria. You can buy franchise  and gain morr inspirations from PickLive www.picklive.com.

8. Online Football Market: online football market making it easier for clubs to buy and sell players, Coaches and possibly team managers. You can create and develop a football market where more of Nigerian players and coaches are listed.

Popular football market websites such as TransferMarket www.transfermarket.com or Soccerway www.soccerway.com, Scout me online www.scoutmeonline.com are drawing lots of traffic daily due the enlisting of thousands of players on their site.

9. Football electronic wearables and Devices: Of course we all know how successful selling of  Personal computers, Phones and other devices have been in Nigeria. Not many have invested in sports wearables such as iphone smart wrist watches and necklaces for football fans, GPS Trainer Wrist Watches for athletes and football players, Snapchat Spectacles also for fans....

You can be the first to establish such business in Nigeria and instantly become a billionaire before competitors set in.

10. eTicketing and Marketing Business: You can set up a private outfit engage in marketing football matches and other events to potential spectators...providing smart stadium solutions such as eTicketing...

This business idea came help draw more spectators to attend matches and gain percentage commission large enough to make you a millionaire in just few months.


  1. These are really brilliant ideas! If you go for financial industry, you also need a reliable erp software choice to back you up. Which one? I believe that microsoft dynamics 365 for financials is the most versatile one, so you can't go wrong with it.

  2. Superbly written article, if only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a far better place..


  3. Thank you for sharing. This is my first time to read this article.

    The reason why some of us don't start a football business opportunity as you share with us now is because they are not trained to see this opportunity with their minds. It is said Opportunities are not seen with eyes. They are seen with minds. That is where we in Nigeria still miss business opportunity as I shared my blog:: What Is Business Opportunity? Is It Worthy? Why Joining It? with audience to let them understand how important business opportunity is.

    Imagine if you still offer free training to those Nigerians in your organization on football business ideas, I believe that some of them will take this business opportunity and empower our Nigerian economy.


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