The Case of Churchill Oliseh and The Several Accounts We Discovered on LinkedIn - Scam Alert!

I feel obligated to tell vulnerable players and perhaps, save them from such unfortunate story like the one John told me few days ago... as if I am an official of Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

John said he transferred N500, 000 to one Churchill Oliseh and since then the impersonate player's manager refused to pick his calls. So John wanted me to help him locate where Churchill lives in Lagos. Then I asked him if he has ever met Churchill Oliseh face-to-face and where did they meet?

John said he has never met Churchill  physically, he only got his contact on LinkedIn and he as well as his father had several telephone conversations with him.... where Churchill  promise to send him (John) to  trials in Denmark with FC Midjytland... Document purporting several correspondence between Churchill and Midjytland club management regarding the scheduled trials were sent to John via email.

Then the said Churchill ask him to pay into a bank account the Sum of N500, 000 being the money to process the club's trial invitation letter, return flight ticket tro and fro Denmark and other him two weeks deadline,

 John's father went ahead to borrow the money from friends and family members....and transferred the money into the account as instructed. Since then the said Churchill stop picking their call. John's father has threatened fire and brimstone...threatened to report Churchill to EFCC...

So I decided to do a background check on the account... and when I did search LinkedIn, OMG! four different Accounts bearing Churchill Oliseh and the same person's Display Pictures (DP) appeared in all the search result;

#1. "Churchill Oliseh, Manager and Owner of FC Ebedei Acadey"

#2. "Churchill Oliseh, Manager FC Ebedei."

#3. "Churchill Oliseh, Manager and the Owner of FC Ebedei At Ebedei Acadey"

#4. "Churchill Oliseh, Manager, FC Ebedei."

  If you doubt me, go to LinkedIn now and search: "Churchill Oliseh"

The question now is: Does Churchill really have a linkedin account? If yes, which one of these four accounts bearing his name is his real account?

My advise is players should be more careful with transactions online or via telephone! Please,  do some kind of due deligence and be sure of whom you are dealing with. Don't ever make payment of such a huge amount as N500, 000 without meeting with the person face-to-face and know how to find him in case of any misappropriation or fraud.

There are many fraudsters impersonating most of these popular player's agents online. Using their names to defraud gullible victims and disrepute these noblemen.

Fraud Alert: When an Agent ask you to pay huge amount of money online, double check and make extensive inquiries before you part with your money! It could be SCAM!

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