2017 Masterclass Talent Exhibition Lagos Nigeria: Re-living the Best Moments in Pictures [See All the Photos]

2017 Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE) that was held at the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) private stadium facility, CAPPA Oshodi in Lagos Nigeria was one soccer scouting event the participants will not forget in a hurry.

The program scheduled to last for one week in July ended up two weeks because of the heavy downpour (one week rain in Lagos) and the pitch waterlogged. So both the Organizers, Scouts, Media and Participants had to sacrifice one week more (time and money). Superior Options, the facility managers also deed a lot to accommodate the extended time.

Pitch waterlogged due to heavy downpour

The longer stay created enough time for bonding and building relationships among the players, inspite of the hectic training and match preparation sessions.

The participants had to play three friendly but very competitive matches in three days...against Great Olympics Academy; Ogere FC (An Amateur league side) and People to People (P2P FC).  And Masterclass team drew two of the matches and won the one against Ogere FC.

Masterclass Vs Ogere fc

The program attracted a lot of spectators, estimated to be about 1000daily, mostly students of DBI and of the Open University as well as youths from the Military barracks close to the venue.

DBN Africa, the TV right holders covered the event and the highlights of the daily program were aired on DMS Startimes 124 and UHF32 on free-air 8pm news round ups. Apart from television, the program was also streamed live online on the social media...Inspire Football pages on Facebooklive and Snapchat stories; and here on, CheerOnNigeria blog.

Let the photos tell you more of the story:

Some of the participants

Olawale and Alfred MVP in Match Day1

Derek Luwii Scored winning goal in Match Day2

Divine Madu, one of the newly discovered Talent

Chika Johnson, defemsive midfield marshall

Val Obi, hard working midfielder

Emmanuel Ekezie,Asute Central Defender

Uche Davis, very Experienced Attacking Midfielder

For further inquiry on how you can participate in the next edition of Masterclass Talent Exhibition. Email: or phone call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556

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