How to Make A Promo Video Clips that Instantly Interest Agents and Clubs

A lot of players send me all sorts of video documents and links online. Some of them laughable though, while some are so terrible to sit down and watch such boring match videos that are poorly shot...movement of football players running about the pitch in such disorganized way you hardly could tell who is who.

What Promo Videos Are Not...
#1. Promo-video clips are not match videos! So do not send an entire 2 hours game to an Agent. He may never watch it at all...or he may start, but will never finish watching it. He may doze off and not catch the moments when your best performance roll over in the match video. So save him all that stress!

#2. Promo-video clips are not videos of a player's training session! So never make the promo video that contains juggling, free styling, free kicks taking only, futsal playing or playing for fun with friends.

Promo-video clips are document that showcase your best performances as well as outline your best playing attributes.

Promotional video is the most important part of your football CV. It is a short clip, made from various games (matches), where a player presents himself and emphasizes his attributes.

 #3. Promo-video clips are not acted like movies, they are extracted from real match situation and compiled as an highlight of your best performances and attributes. Have you ever watched the best of Cristiano Ronaldo 2016/17 Season? It gives you an idea of what a Promo Video Clips looks like.

How to create A Promo Video...
In case you do not have a Promo-video clips, these are the things you must do immediately to create the best marketing document for yourself. Promo-Video clips are the single most important document every aspiring footballer or even professional player must have.

First, if you are a Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) player, you can ask your club management of your current season videos.

A lot of match video highlights are posted online. Search Youtube to see if you can find the match videos of the games you played.

Third, you can visit Supersports office at Ilupeju Lagos Nigeria to make inquiry of the NPFL matches they recorded on video...if they can make available the ones that involves you and your club.

ACTION NOTES: Get to recordings of your matches or make sure (together with your team-mates) your matches are getting recorded.

Ask Your Coach. If you’re using videos to analyze your performance after the game then you can surely get a copy directly from your club.

Get It From The Broadcast Station. If your matches are broadcast live on TV, you can ask the TV station to give you a copy.

Hire A Cameraman: or ask a friend. If the above options aren’t possible then you can hire a cameraman. Talk to your teammates so you’ll be able to share expenses and get copies for everyone. If all of you agree, you could even get a camera crew and end up with a professional recordings with multiple angles.

Unfortunately, most league matches or tournaments in Nigeria do not get professional video coverage, especially at the grassroots. It is extremely difficult for most players to show their talent and skills to Agents and clubs on Video.

Our answer to this need is to organize twice a year Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE)...a Scouting event in Lagos Nigeria. First, players from Nigeria and around West Africa countries attend a one day talent Assessment program, where only outstanding players are selected and invited for the next MTE program event where their games are captured on video in a match situation.

Now, let’s get back to the best way to produce your Promo Video Clips. Gather your recent match videos and look for a good multimedia video editor to produce the clips for you. Two things you will watch out for will guiding the editor are:
1 Watch out for your best moves for each match video and get the video editor to extract them.

2. Watch out for actions in the match videos that showcase your unique attributes such as: Eye for Goals, Good ball passer, good ball winner, and good with ball on flight...
The promo video must point out the best attributes according to the player’s position on the field, not just the best moves. Learn from these examples for:

DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER: defensive play, tackling, positioning, reading the game, changing the sides of the play, short passes, long passes, long range shooting, set pieces, etc.;

GOALKEEPER: command of an area, best saves, one on one situations, reaction to high balls, good technique, long balls shooting, long ball throwing, etc.;

STRIKER: goals from all positions, with both legs, with head, defensive working habits, ability to keep the ball, one on one situation, set pieces, etc.

3 Get the editor to add as slow motion of your best moves and best attribute display extracted from the various match videos...if possible label them accordingly.

4. Note: to make your Promo video very interesting to watch, go straight to the point and leave out unnecessary displays! Promo video should be between 10 minutes and max 20 minutes duration. No Agent or Club management have the time to watch long videos. Of course, they know they will see more of you during the club trials. So what your Promo Video clips set out to achieve is to capture the interest of club management so they can duly invite you for trials.

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