[Blogging] "Positive Reporting" and Why Benson Chukwueke's Followers Are Exploding

It's not just about football reporting, but the idea behind it...the knowledge and inspiration that comes to you after reading articles on CheerOnNigeria blog, may be the reason Benson Chukwueke's followers are exploding online. The blog attract thousands of new visitors daily and over 1.7 million followers in the last one year.

The blog is a switch from the model most media organization adopt, reeling out breaking news of scandalous, catastrophic happenings and everything bad news about the global audience a thinking that the largest black African country is on fire.

Can anything good come from Nigeria? Of course, Y-E-S! 
CheerOnNigeria blog as the name implies, deliver to its audience the other side of the news that gets you cheering and feeling proudly Nigerian. Using a vehicle that litterly unify the diverse tribes as well as draws the attention of both young and old in the country - FOOTBALL!

The blog is a pro-Nigeria social media element promoting MADE IN NIGERIA FOOTBALL from the grassroots to elite league NPFL and the national teams. It promotes the individual stars and let the audience keep update  with the exploits of Nigerian players around the the national teams such positive image that makes you proudly identify with Nigeria, no matter where!

Perhaps, what sets the blog apart is the solution it provides...helping the global football consumers find solutions to their information, education and entertainment needs...research, recommendations and review  of products that could meet their needs of the readers.

For instance, the blog provides the grassroots players the platform to bring their talents to limelight; giving them  opportunity to be scouted. It also provides information of football trials and other employment opportunities, thereby bridging the gap between football job seekers and employers across the globe. The aim is to empower the avalanche of youths with football talents in the country.

"Nobody will come from somewhere else to promote Nigeria. We are the ones to promote our country and to project all the good in this land. We must give our citizens as well as the international community the chance to see and to appreciate the greatness of our country. There's a lot to admire about Nigeria as a country...if only someone will take the pleasure to point them to our citizens and give them the right mindset."

"For instance, most media organizations in this country will tell you that Nigerians are only interested in European football leagues and would rather report the Premier league in their headlines. But there's a lot to admire in Nigeria football, if only the media will choose not to see and report from the dark angle. I believe our media can get not only our people but the entire world, to be interested in the MADE IN NIGERIA FOOTBALL."

"It is common sense really, to promote your own. We have a football industry to build and to push it to become a world brand relevant and contributory to our economy. Nobody will build it for us unless we take the bull by the horn."

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