Nigeria Vs Cameroon Fixture, Ticket, Travel and Hotel Accommodation - Information for Your Plan and Budgeting

The Nigeria Vs Cameroon match in Uyo, September 1, is an opportunity to savour top competitive football, and many people would want be at the venue live. It promises to be a memorable event and top quality entertainment?

What spectators expect to see is nothing less than a grand spectacle between these two giants of African football that would serve as a veritable advertisement for football and tourism. Many fans will be coming from around Nigeria and visitors from Cameroon. We felt to let you know the schedule, ticket, travel and hotel Accommodation, so you can make your personal plans and budget.

Nigeria Vs Cameroon
Venue: 36, 000 Capacity Godswill Akpabio Stadium Uyo
Date: Friday Sptember 1, 2017
Time: 4pm WA - GMT+

In a match of this caliber, the stadium are likely to be filled up to capacity by 2pm. So you may risk not getting into the stadium if you come later than that time.

The match ticket will be sold at the stadium on match day (September 1) starting from 10am, the stadium will be open to spectators. Ticket prices:
Popular stand: NGN1, 000 ($3 USD)
VIP stand: from NGN5, 000 ($14 USD)

Of course, the wise thing is to find a hotel accommodation close to the stadium complex to save you cost of internal transportation. Check your google map for guide "Hotel Close to Godswill Akpabio Stadium Uyo.

There are several hotel accommodation close to the stadium. Depending on your budget, you can choose from

  • 3 star Lastborn Hotel and Catering Services (NGN3, 600 equivalent to $10 a night)
  • 4 star Clesta Hotel (NGN4, 500 less than $20 a night) or...

5 star Kingdom Resort and Hotel (NGN10, 000 less than $30 a night)

Travel Transportation
Nigeria and Cameroon are neighbours with almost 2000km of land border, however, there are no direct flights between both countries.

Air Flight
The main airline that flies that route is Asky, a Togolese company that first flies you one hour from Yaounde to Lome and then connects to Lagos/Calabar. The price: $1, 200 (NGN380, 000)
Of course, you should route your flight to calabar or you may have to pay extra  $100 (NGN36,000) to get a connecting flight from Lagos to Akwa Ibom Airport.

Flying from any location in Nigeria will cosr you between NGN36, 000 to about NGN56, 000 ($100 - $150).

Road Drive
The drive from  Douala Cameroon to Calabar is about 1,320 km (820 mile) rollercoaster ride along dusty highways and muddy jungle tracks replete with bumps, very hectic during this rainy season, but you may only have to pay NGN10, 000 (equivalent of $30 or so); a lot cheaper.

However, there is a shortcut that is less hectic. And to travel by road, u will first have to get to Ekok from Douala. Ekok is the border town between Cameroon and Nigeria. Then next you cross over to Ikom by boat, you are in Nigeria. Your next move is to board a bus or taxi to Calabar and from Calabar another vehicle to Uyo. All these may cost you between NGN15, 000 to NGN25, 000 (equivalent of $50 to $70). Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!

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