2017 Reach Out Nigeria: Download this Special eCopy of Rhapsody of Realities and Help Spread it On!

How You Can Be Part of the Solution, and Not Cause More Troubles for Our Country Nigeria
It is not noble to keep criticising your country Nigeria and keep formenting more troubles. Be part of the solution today! How?
Just follow this few steps
  • 1. Pray for Nigeria everyday
  • 2. Download  this life transforming gift,FREE E-COPY of Rhapsody of Realities into your Smartphone or Tab.
  • 3. Study it thoroughly and meditate upon each article of the day.
  • 4.  Then SPREAD THE LINK to all your relations and people in your world

This is the Link:

  • 5. Join us to finance the message,  Sponsor 1 copy for someone else!

Learn to dream and to see a better Nigeria. Our country can return back to the good old days when our kids can go outside and play without fear of abduction by Terrorists, ritualists, kidnappers... think about it! The days where a good name is so precious and worth more than a billion dollars. What is required is THE CHANGE OF MINDSET.

A lot of people have been praying to God for a better day and the almighty Himself is saying if we will allow Him, He will heal our land of all the unprecedented killings and blood lettings of the recent years... and restore our economy. The impasse of terrorism, militancy, agitations, barbarism which were the outcome of corruption and moral decedence will be things of the past.

CHANGE isn't about a political manifesto! Man cannot convict the soul of another man, Only the word of God can bring about this conviction and deliver to us a PATRIOTIC SPIRIT.

Since 2009, God has gone ahead to package His word into a book (Rhaposody of Realities) and distributed it to every door steps in our country Nigeria through Christ Embassy. But many clergymen are still asking if "Any thing good can come from Chris Oyakhilome," the author of the book through the Holy Spirit.

Many have received Rhapsody with a wave of hand. Many have dumped the book in their waste bin, just after they received it. Not knowing they have dumped God's Messenger Angel sent to them. Not knowing they have received answers to their prayers and refuse to read God's word; God' s solution for the so desired change in our country Nigeria. They have received it and dump it aside...and things are getting worst everyday, so painful!

Our Country can be great again if only each of us take it serious to study Rhasody of Realities each day and make it available for others to study too. Teach it to those who cannot read and make them understand it at their own level. By doing this,  you are making great impact, because this book will deliver to you and everyone the needed PATROTIC MINDSET!

This is reason you should be vitally involved in Reach Out Nigeria impact our people and change their present mind set .

Start Now to Download your eCopy.

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