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StarTimes, a subsidiary of StarTimes Media, a Chinese based company that offers a Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service in to reach new subscribers through its exclusive right to Digital Video broadcast (DVB) of 2016 Copa America football tournament. 

Adopting social media peneration strategy...decided to use Sponsored contents on several blogs and facebook pages including CheerOnNigeria Blog.

The difference became so clear to StarTimes management in terms of the result. Although, other high traffic blogs, used in their campaign, may have created a lot of awareness, but CheetOnNigeria delivered to  StarTimes 10, 022  new subscribers in one month...far beyond what other mainstream and blogs contributed cumulatively.

  "The big win for us with Sponsored Content is being able to engage those customers and prospects that we really believe are in heart of our target audience, and CheerOnNigeria really made the difference."
Bolaji Abayomi
, Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications, StarTimes Nigeria.
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